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Wedding Day Manicures You NEED To Steal (They're So Pretty!)

Wedding Day Manicures You NEED To Steal (They're So Pretty!)
On the day of the wedding, your hands will be the focus in almost all pictures. When you’re adjusting your jewellery, putting on the varmala, accepting gifts or holding your husband’s arm, for example. And pretty nails make gorgeous pictures. Here are 7 Instagram-inspired wedding day manicures you need to steal! Just remember to put on a shellac top coat so it doesn’t chip.

1. Can’t do without the red

wedding manicure1

If you’re wearing a red shaadi ka joda, then put on a base coat of red and use gold nail colour to replicate your mehendi design. With an artistic hand, you might be able to replicate it yourself, or else hit the salon!

Source: Tainacharming on Instagram

2. Lilac love

wedding manicure3

This is not a colour you’ll see on many brides, so steal it first! It will look great for a summer wedding or a morning function, and can be easily done at home without worrying about spoiling the design. The gold dresses it up.

Source: L’Oreal Paris on Instagram

3. Go art deco

wedding manicure4

Isn’t this a super interesting design for the wedding day? You could personalise this with a colour theme matching your outfit. Round off the edges and finish off the mani with a high gloss top coat.

Source: Ryganna on Instagram

4. Sweater knit pastels

wedding manicure5

A style like this requires skill and a 3D nail gel, so consult your manicurist. Stick to a pastel which matches your lehenga or you could even have different colours on all five fingers. The sweater knit pattern is particularly perfect during the chilly winter months.

Source: Bebeautiful_india on Instagram

5. Midnight blue

wedding manicure6

Do it at home but do know that glitter bits usually come off easy. So, invest in a long lasting top coat. You could even let them the nails remain plain blue with the ring finger painted in gold or silver.

Source: Brush Nailbar & ART RD on Instagram

6. Motif-i-ed

wedding manicure7

Nails to match the motifs on your outfit? Click a picture of the most prominent motif on your wedding dress and show it to your manicurist. Match the color of the design to your outfit but keep the base coat silver or gold.

Source: Sophin_russia on Instagram

7. Peachish

wedding manicure

Peach is really, really huge this wedding season. From outfits to decor, and even nails! Match your peaches and blush lehenga with peachy nails that are super easy to do. Try on a couple of shades to find the perfect one for your skin tone. You could stick on tiny gold bindis to dress up the nails.

Source: Lakme on Instagram

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