10 Ways To Make Your Courtship Period Super Romantic!

10 Ways To Make Your Courtship Period Super Romantic!
Found your Mr Forever? That’s awesome! As long as it feels right and you are excited about this new phase of life - it really doesn’t matter if your marriage is “arranged”! Enjoy this beautiful new phase and give love a chance. Here’s all you need to do to begin what shall only be the most epic romance of your life.

1. Don’t be too shy

He’s going to be your husband, remember? You can now let go of all shyness. Enjoy this phase completely, be bold and outgoing. Who said you couldn’t feel butterflies in your stomach once you are already engaged?

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2. Drop hints

So, in an arranged scenario, it’s likely that you two don’t know each other for a long time. This also means that he really doesn’t know how to woo you. Here’s where you need to start dropping hints. Tell him stories about yourself and your past - let him know what floats your boat. Give him a chance to be Mr Romantic!

3. Introduce him to your best friend

Not only is it super important that they meet and get along (duh), it’s also the best way for him to get to know you without having to ask you everything!

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4. Plan surprises

Remember, the secret to getting wooed is also indulging in some wooing yourself. Don’t be passive. Romance is a two-way street, so plan your own set of surprises. This will not only fuel the romance, it will also make him want to return the favour!

5. Designated talk time

It often happens that during the run-up to the wedding that there’s barely any time that you two get alone. This is why we suggest this: make sure you reserve some time for just the both of you. Go for dinner dates or talk on the phone every night. Even though you know you both are getting married, there’s something very cute about these (almost teenage) dating rituals!

arranged marriage romance

6. Social media for the win

Use Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp to your advantage. Tease him with selfies (make them naughty if you want – completely your call). Send him messages about your day. They don’t always have to be romantic; the point is to involve him in your daily life. When you start to care for each other, the romance inevitably follows.

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7. Make future plans

There is something so exciting about planning your future with the man you are about to marry! If you both like to travel, have a bucket list of dream destinations. If you love food, discuss what you both can cook together. If you both love alcohol, plan a bar and start stocking it. You get the point, right?

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8. Discuss the wedding

You don’t have to discuss the boring or stressful details. But discuss your feelings about the impending big day. It may surprise you to know that he’s just as nervous and excited as you are.

9. Be generous with compliments

If you don’t really know how to “do” romance, that’s really okay. Be honest about what you like about him. Talk about why you think he’s right for you. Let him know that he’s won over your heart. He will feel so happy about this, it’ll instantly make your relationship stronger and your connection deeper.

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10. Plan that honeymoon already

This is going to be the most romantic trip of your life – you need to start discussing it already. Get to know each other’s idea of romance via the honeymoon planning. Does he like long walks on the beach? Or would he rather cuddle up with you in a wooden log cabin which is surrounded by snow? I mean, who wouldn’t feel romantic thinking of these beautiful scenarios, right? Let this be your foolproof plan to really ignite the romance between you two. He doesn’t need to know it was our idea! ;-)

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