Bestie Ki Shaadi? Here’s How To Be The Most Amazing Bridesmaid!

Bestie Ki Shaadi? Here’s How To Be The Most Amazing Bridesmaid!
Bestie ne haan kardi? And she’s chosen you to be a part of the special shaadi team as the bridesmaid? Sounds like so much fun! Being a bridesmaid is definitely an experience of a lifetime but it’s also a big responsibility. Here’s how you can become the best bridesmaid ever!

1. You’re the party starter

This is the first duty of a bridesmaid. You need to throw your BFF a kickass bachelorette party! Draw out a budget, plan your theme, have all the girls pitch in, shop for naughty favours and gag gifts, and blow off the bride’s knickers!


2. Be ready to listen up!

’Cause she’ll have tons of stuff to share and some of it may even sound crazy! And repetitive. But no choice there. Just keep your ears open and hear her out at all times, she needs all the emotional support you can give her.

3. No backing out...

From the endless shopping trips. Sardi ho ya dhoop, you’ve got to visit showrooms, watch her try out various outfits, give out practical advice, and remind her to stick to her budget. That’s what best friends are for :)

4. Gift her something special

Her wedding gift could be something she’s always wanted or personalize it! A picture collage put together by all her closest friends or little gifts equalling to your friendship years. For example, 13 gifts for your 13 years of friendship, each with a special meaning for the two of you.

5. Be her food panda!

When she’s got mehendi on her hands or when she’s up on the stage hungry and tired of smiling, feed her food and keep her stomach happy at all times.

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6. And be by her side...

When she needs a lipstick touch up or help with peeing in that 5 kg lehenga. Put together her bridal emergency kit and fetch the earring back that just slipped.


7. Play cupid

Once the ceremonies begin, she is going to be really caught up. Get her messages from the groom and send him a sneakily-taken picture of the bride.

8. You’re her personal bartender

Who sneaks in a drink or two for her! And also pops in a mint so she isn’t smelling of anything funny.

9. Keep her relaxed

And remind her to keep flashing those pearly whites the entire time she is up on the stage. It’s quite a task, you know, so keep her chill and make sure her pics are pretty.


10. Avoid the car-o-bar

We are not saying don’t drink but don’t only hang around the bar. You can’t be fully sloshed when she wants you around!

11. Ration your sleep...just this once

’Cause you’ve got to be up and ready, on time, for all ceremonies. And don’t you ditch the bestie at the pheras. You’ve got to be present till the very end.

12. Keep in touch

Know what? She needs you after the wedding too. Send her a text the next day or give her a call a day later.


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