Do You Twirl Your Hair? Fidget? You Might Be A Perfectionist!

Do You Twirl Your Hair? Fidget? You Might Be A Perfectionist!
Do you often find yourself twirling your hair while your boss is droning on about work? Are you a nail biter or can’t stop picking at that bit of skin around your nail? It could mean that you’re a perfectionist!

Who knew being an uncontrollable fidget could be a good thing?! The University of Montreal has published a study that suggests that compulsive behaviors like these is a sign of being easily frustrated.

twirling your hair and biting your nails could mean you are a perfectionist

According to the study, it’s believed that people who indulge in repetitive behaviors like these could be perfectionists since they cannot relax and perform tasks at a normal rate. Not only are they prone to boredom, they also get impatient, frustrated and dissatisfied when they don’t reach their goals.

What triggers repetitive habits like hair twirling, nail biting, foot tapping and eyelash pulling is stress, impatience and frustration. Most people don’t indulge in these behaviors when they’re relaxed.

So the next time someone tells you to leave your nails alone, just tell them you can’t ‘coz you’re too perfect! :P

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