Trousseau Shopping Mistakes You Are Making (& How To Avoid Them!)

Trousseau Shopping Mistakes You Are Making (& How To Avoid Them!)
Selecting your wedding outfits is not just about buying pretty clothes. So sit down on that couch, get yourself a cuppa and make a mental note. Here are 8 mistakes you should never make when you go trousseau shopping.

1. Buy small, regret later?

Brides do that! You buy a size smaller hoping you’ll lose weight. Don’t do that! It’s always better to buy clothes in the size that you are now - they can be altered later. Also, semi stitched materials can be tailored to perfection later!.

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2. The ‘in’ thing which is out there

Not every ‘in’ style looks good on everyone. Get to know your body type so you’re buying clothes that show off your best features.

3. Merawala pink...everything?

Yep. Make sure your trousseau and wedding outfits are in a mix of colors, else every pic from every function will look the same! Embrace greens, blues, yellows and reds - you’ve got to have a good variety in there.

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4. Pretty, but not as a picture

Trust us when we tell you that not every colour photographs well, and everyone wants to look at wedding photos. For example, navy blue doesn’t look good in photos at all (though it’s stunning in real life) and very light yellows can make you look pale.


5. It’s complicated?

Don’t buy trousseau clothes which are pretty but uncomfortable, difficult to move in and complicated to wear. Can you really struggle with those ties and zippers all on your own?

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6. Lehenga heavy che?

Agreed you’re getting married, but that doesn’t call for endless bling. Keep your trousseau a mix of heavily worked silk sarees, some printed chiffon or georgette ones, dressy lehengas and light-ish salwar kameezes. After all, there’s life for these clothes beyond the wedding.

7. Trending now

That style of saree gown or dhoti pants maybe the ‘in’ thing right now, but is it evergreen? Will it look good an year or two later? And does it even suit you? You're spending a lot of money so pick things which can be worn later too, and not just for one day.

trousseau shopping4

8. Look like a K serial bahu

...Who wears heavy silk sarees to cut vegetables! Get clothes in a variety of fabrics - silk, organza, chiffon, cotton etc- so you can wear something or the other from your trousseau all year long.

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