12 Week Body Transformation: Team POPxo Nails It!

12 Week Body Transformation: Team POPxo Nails It!
Isn’t it encouraging to see regular girls like you and I overcome mental barriers and perceived physical limitations? Twelve weeks ago, POPxo staffers Simar Rana, Gopika E.M., Sanjana Eipe and Sharon Alphonso took up the Nike+ Training Club Challenge - a program designed by six Master Trainers from Nike. And today, our brave comrades have completed the challenge. They faced new tests from a new trainer almost each week, encountered workouts that were meant to increase endurance, flexibility and speed and went from being in the dark about what burpees really are to stronger, fitter and faster individuals. All four of them prevailed over personal hurdles to emerge victorious, and this post is in celebration of what they’ve achieved.

The last two weeks of the challenge focused on increasing speed with trainer Utah Lee. Both Sanjana and Sharon were definitely faster by the end of it and can’t stop raving about their fitness levels. Here’s what they have to say...

“The 11th and 12th Weeks Were A Breeze…” - Sanjana Eipe

Did I just get through 12 weeks of exercise? It feels a bit unreal to have gotten back to the fitness levels I had when I was in college (and a track athlete at that!). Weeks 11 and 12 were comparatively easier than the weeks when I had just begun training. What’s best about the app is that on days I didn’t feel like following the set workout, I could always customize it according to what I was in the mood for. Utah Lee’s workout included a number of squats, shoulder taps and plank jumps and it really got my heart pumping. I feel that all the past weeks I spent building strength, speed and increased flexibility are what helped me get through weeks 11 and 12 with ease.

total body transformation. 1

Since these were the last two weeks of the challenge, Sharon and I coordinated with the girls in Delhi (Simar and Gopika) to compare time, strength and number of reps. I am glad to announce that I emerged on top. Simar, Gopika and Sharon are very tough competitors and to be able to match up to their speed and strength was a great feeling.

“How Did I Get THIS Far This Soon?” - Sharon Alphonso

It’s been a crazy two weeks for me, what with so many weddings to attend and a million Christmas and New Year ideas popping into my mind already. In between all the chaos, there’s one thing I just couldn’t miss - my workout sessions with the NTC app. I never thought I’d be saying this, but after a very long time, I feel truly fit - both mentally and physically. I got through weeks 11 and 12 with minimum effort, and I feel like I’ve been building up to this all these past weeks.

total body transformation. 2

The highlights from Utah Lee’s workout, for me, were the burpees. I remember hating burpees when I started off with the Nike+ Training Club Challenge. But that’s clearly changed! The enthusiasm with which I leave home for a workout is unbelievable to both friends and family. All I tell them is, “you’ve got to try it to believe it!”

POPxo’s Very Own Nike Fan Club!

After seeing the amazing transformation of their colleagues, the staffers at the POPxo HQ in New Delhi have, in their own different ways, been motivated to work out and lead a fitter lifestyle. In fact, a lot of them have even joined the NTC app revolution - customizing workouts, benefiting from the secrets of some of the world’s best trainers and leading a healthier lifestyle in general.

“There’s a buzz in office like never before, I see the girls going for runs every evening and almost everyone now owns a yoga mat. I think we might have started a revolution here! It’s great to see everyone so into the NTC app even though the challenge has ended,” says Gopika E.M. Simar Rana echoes Gopika’s sentiments, “I am glad to be part of a community that strives to stay healthy and fit. The evening runs we do as an office group really help us de-stress and have a fresher perspective every morning.” POPxo’s Assistant Editor, Caroline D’Cruz has been building her way to stronger arms with the NTC app and she hopes to be able to do a pull up (something she has never done before because of her weak arms) by the end of the year! And in case you’ve been wondering, that’s the real reason of getting #betterforit!

* This is a sponsored post for Nike. Download the Nike+ Training Club app and get working out NOW – no excuses! With training programmes for the newbie, the expert and the fitness fanatic, the app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.