12 Thoughts You Have When ALL Your Friends Are Getting Married!

12 Thoughts You Have When ALL Your Friends Are Getting Married!
One day, it seems as if all your friends decided to get married. Except you! And that’s actually the funnest ever time of your life! Here are 12 thoughts we all have when all our friends are getting married!

1. OMG, so many weddings to attend!

I am super excited! So many weddings to attend! Almost my entire year is packed...this should be crazyyy fun!

1friends getting married

2. But kapde issues will never end

I can’t repeat the green anarkali for the second time! I guess will just have to revamp all of mommy’s sarees.

3. Cute guy alert!

Can’t wait to meet all the cute groomsmen! Weddings are like the green signal for flirting. Maybe we even get to pair up for the sangeet performance ;)

3 friends getting married

4. Fake a fever or a broken ankle?

I need to start applying for leaves right away! Can’t miss any function. I need to start thinking of excuses for work!

5. But why is mom losing it?

Saare friends ki shaadi ho rahi hai, when do you plan to settle down?” Yeah, it’s gonna be her favourite dialogue now.

5 friends getting married

6. And I’m broke, too!

Because wedding outfit shopping took over my life! And now I’ve even got to buy gifts for each one of them.


7. London thumakda karna hai!

Gosh! I have a crazy sangeet dance practice schedule. Neha’s is on Saturday, Megha’s on Tuesday and Thursday’s for Komal. Whew! And almost everyone’s dancing on ‘London thumakda’!

7 friends getting married

8. My weight-o-meter’s going cray, cray!

I’m up 7 kilos from eating all the shaadi ka khana and mithai. So not happening!

9. Talli main talli ho gayi

I’ve been a little too excited about the BFF’s wedding. Can’t say no to the shots! Next time, will just pop in a Party Smart.

9 friends getting married

10. I’m so lonely :(

All my friends are married and off on their happily ever afters. I suddenly feel so alone! I don’t have my vella friends to do TP anymore.

11. Mera number kab aayega?

And I have so many ideas on what my wedding will look like and what I’m going to wear :D Thanks for the inspiration, guys!

11 friends getting married

12. Are we in zombieland?

Chuck everything else, I need to catch up on all that lost sleep.

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