10 Things Girls Think During Sex (But NEVER Admit!)

10 Things Girls Think During Sex (But NEVER Admit!)
Even during a super passionate and heated sex session, there is always some other place our mind finds to wander off to! Here are a few things all women think about during sex, at least once in a while!

1. Our sexy lingerie going to waste...

“Wait, why is he taking my bra off?! I spent a lot of money on it, he better notice how pretty it is before he takes it off!!” We’ve all thought that, haven’t we?!

 thoughts women have in bed

2. If he knows what he’s really doing!

“Wait, what is he doing? Does he think that’s my clitoris? No, it’s not! Stop doing that!” He may be super hot and even have plenty of experience, but some things guys just cannot find stuff without a little help from us!

3. About food!!

“Hmmm, what can I eat after this? I’m really working up an appetite here. Sex burns a lot of calories, right? So probably whatever I want!”

 thoughts women have in bed

4. If he’s going to finish too soon!

“I hope he doesn’t finish yet!” “I’m so close, it would suck if this had to stop now!” Oh well, round two, maybe? :P

5. About other chores that needs to be finished…

“Kind of have a lot of chores to finish. This is taking longer than I thought!” There’s always something at the back of our minds!

 thoughts women have in bed

6. The TV show that has already started!

“OMG OMG, missing the crucial beginning of Bigg Boss right now! Should have really thought this through!”. Totally legit. Come on, TV shows are important, you know!

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7. If we’re actually going to reach the big O!

No explanation needed! I mean, who doesn’t want to reach this blissful state?!

thoughts women have in bed

8. About why he’s SO quiet!

“Do I just make too much noise or is he actually too quiet!? Could he be bored?” It’s fine to think this, ladies, but just know it's not true! We’re just louder. :P

9. About how we look from that angle!

“Do I look super weird to him from this angle? Does he see a double chin?!” He sees nothing but your awesome body. So chill!

thoughts women have in bed

10. If there really is such a thing as a G-Spot!

“He’s doing something right. OMG could this be it? Is this my G-Spot? I actually have one?!”. Yes, you DO. Always, always. 

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