Thoughts Every Girl Has When Her Sister Is Getting Married!

Thoughts Every Girl Has When Her Sister Is Getting Married!
A wedding in the family! And it’s your sister’s who’s getting married! Here are 10 thoughts that you will totally get as you become part of your sister's wedding madness.

1. Woo-hoo!

She’s found the one! I’m losing my mind from the excitement. *happy dance*

sister's wedding 1

2. Saali...aadhi gharwali!

I have a brother-in-law! I can’t wait to start chilling with him. Secretly, I also hope that he’ll pamper me and shower me with gifts ;)

3. Soooo much to plan!

There are endless shopping and partying and dancing and drinking plans in my much fun coming up!

4. Kareenawala designer lehenga

I’m so gonna buy that because I have to look The Hottest. She’ll be the prettiest, of course. Gym, salon, dietician visits begin here!

sister's wedding 4

5. Wow, the Bridezilla phase in ON

My gawd, she’s after me again. Why can’t she stop fretting about the planning for once? Note to self: nod politely and run the moment’s her back’s turned.


6. Beta, you are next

Why can’t auntyji’s just stop with the drama? I know I am next. But when, who and how is no one’s business. Can I please just enjoy the wedding abhi?

7. Hello, I’m here too!

Everyone’s being super nice to HER. Hellooo, mein zinda hoon. Do you even see me?

sister's wedding 7

8. No more sharing!

I’m gonna rule this house once she’s gone, man. *high five*

9. I’m gonna be all alone!

She’s going tomorrow. I don’t want her room or her pretty dresses. I don’t want anything but her. I miss her already.

10.’s done

Now that the bidai is done, all I want to do is sleep. I’m happy + sad + exhausted. Sisters forever!

sister's wedding 10

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