THIS Is What Happens When Your Little Sister Gets A Boyfriend!

THIS Is What Happens When Your Little Sister Gets A Boyfriend!
Your little sister will always be a baby to you. Even if she’s just a year younger! You just can’t help but be protective about her. You want the very best for your darling sister, after all! So what happens when she gets a boyfriend? Here are a few thoughts every big sister has when her little sister gets a boyfriend!

1. “ What? What?! Whaat!?!! But she’s still a baby!”

little sister gets a boyfriend 1

2. “Okay, fine, maybe not that much of a baby, but still a baby for me!”

3. “Who is this boy she is dating? Need to do a proper check on him.”

4. “What if he’s some weirdo?”

5. “Oh no, I really hope he’s not. My little sister is such a sweetheart!”

little sister gets a boyfriend 5

6. “She deserves the best. I just hope he’s worthy of her.”

7. “She finally wants me to meet him. He looks alright on Facebook. But in person is a whole different story.”

8. “He better try his best to make a great first impression.”

9. “He should know he’ll have to deal with me if he ever hurts her. I will kill him!”

10. “Hmm, so he’s not that bad after all. He’s actually kind of sweet.”

little sister gets a boyfriend

11. “Oh my god, are they going to kiss? In front of me?! Nooooo.”

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12. “He needs to stop touching her. She’s a baby.”

13. “Right, forgot, not such a baby. Clearly!”

14. “I can’t believe my little sister is actually in a relationship!”

15. “He’s not that bad. Seems pretty smart too.”

little sister gets a boyfriend 15

16. “Not as smart as her though, I bet. She’s brilliant.”

17. “They actually do look cute together. Aww, I think he really likes her!”

18. “Well, he’d better.”

19. “Okay, he’s sweet enough - and funny too. I think we could actually get along!”

20. “Hah, I knew she had good taste. After all, she learnt from the best.” ;)

little sister gets a boyfriend 20

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