THIS Is What Your Body Language Is Telling The World!

THIS Is What Your Body Language Is Telling The World!
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, your body is capable of painting quite the picture without you saying! It does this through the use of body language. So just what does your body language reveal to the world?! Find out…

1. Noughts And Crosses

If you are in the middle of talking to somebody and appear to have crossed your arms or legs, you are giving off the signal that you have emotionally withdrawn from the conversation.

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2. Look At Me

When you fail to make steady eye contact with someone, it indicates that you are either hiding something or are incredibly nervous.

3. Getting Handsy

Interestingly, this is one of the more subconscious features of body language - when you cover your palms or fail to show your hands to somebody, it means you are keeping a secret.

what your body language says

4. Risque Wrists

If you allow the underside of your wrist to be seen, it could indicate to the other person that you are flirting with them!


5. On A Platter

Folding your hands on top of one another and positioning your face on top is something that is usually done by women to attract a man’s attention. In doing so, you are offering up your face to be admired and appreciated - as though it were on a platter!

what your body language says

6. Sense Of Humour?

Did you know that men are attracted to women who laugh at their jokes? So, by letting out a small giggle while in the company of a guy, it sends signals to him that you like him!

7. Not Too Comfortable!

When you touch your neck, jewellery or hair, it often indicates that you are nervous or uncomfortable in a situation and your brain is formulating an excuse to get away. Your hands are grasping for what they can until the brain gives them the signal.

what your body language says

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