This Is What It’s Like To Be An Only Child!

This Is What It’s Like To Be An Only Child!
It's different, growing up without lots of other little people in house. Read: no brothers or sisters around all the time. And it shapes you in a certain way that's quite different from those who've grown up plus-siblings. Here are a few things you'll totally get if you are an only child!

1. Sharing does NOT come easily to you.

You didn't have to, as a kid! No brothers and sisters “borrowing” stuff randomly from you.

2. But when you do find something you particularly love, you end up getting it for your bestie or boyfriend.

It's fun to give stuff to people! And you're making up for opportunities you didn't have as a child.

3. You like to work out stuff on your own.

You're just not used to people taking over and helping you out. Which means that you usually tend to be an ace problem solver.

only child 9

4. And you really do enjoy helping people out.

And pampering them. Missed opportunities earlier, people.

5. You can basically talk to anybody and keep them entertained.

Years of tagging around with parents and interacting with mostly adults will do that. You might actually be an introvert, but people can rarely tell that when they first met you.

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6. You have a special relationship with at least a few of your cousins.

They're the closest thing you have to brothers and sisters, after all.

only child - cousins

7. And you're fiercely loyal to your friends and other people you love.

You learnt to love from your parents. An absolute kind of love that has no scope for petty fights and rivalries.

8. Your parents are your friends.

They were the people you turned to when you got home from school and wanted to share how your day went. Them being your confidantes - it comes naturally to you.

9. You really do enjoy your own company.

And like spending at least a few hours every day by yourself.

only child 3

10. And have some major personal space issues.

You've been used to having it all your life!

11. You're kind of the ultimate independent girl.

Hey, you never had any elder siblings to show you the ropes. So you learnt to do stuff on your own and for yourself. You enjoy taking responsibility for things. It's just how you are.

12. You're kind of opinionated about things.

Hey, you've always thought about things and come to your own conclusions without being biased by someone else's perspective.

only child 6

13. You probably love books and movies.

There were a lot of uninterrupted hours you had growing up. You kept yourself entertained.

14. You're fascinated by people who have siblings.

OMG, so many people!!! How do they deal?!

15. You don't open up to people all that easily. Again, habit.

But when you do… It means you really do love and trust them! :-)

only child 15

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