9 Things Your Wedding Planner Really Wants You To Know!!

9 Things Your Wedding Planner Really Wants You To Know!!
The wedding planner is quickly becoming your new BFF. After all, they’re helping you put together one of the most important occasions of your life! While you are obsessing over flowers and entrance songs, these are the 9 things your wedding planner wished you knew.

1. Mami, chachi, dadi...so many decision makers!

We know you love your family but taking so many opinions for every decision? It just delays the process for us!

wedding planner1

2. Pinterest is not equal to a wedding planner

You’ve gone through every wedding board on Pinterest and made your own, but that’s not enough to plan a wedding! You do need us to find the vendors, negotiate a competitive price and get everything done on time and to perfection.

3. We wish we had super powers. But we don’t

We can’t stop time or the vendor who just ran away! We’ll try to do all that we can but at the end of the day we too are just human beings. So sometimes, you have to roll with the punches!

wedding planner 2

4. Sometimes it’s OK to chill!

So we did decide that the photo frame will hang to the right, but once the venue was set up, it looked much better on the left. Don’t throw a fit ’cause we’ll only always do what’s best.

5. I don’t make moolah at your expense

Please don’t assume I’m over-charging you for everything. I have a staff and many vendors to pay. I’ve been working on your wedding for months!

Wedding Planner 3

6. Midnight phone calls...please, no? 

We know you’re fretting but wait till the morning, please. Send us a text if it's urgent but don’t call us incessantly. We’ll definitely call you back.

7. Let’s just stick to one theme

It’s great that you’re aware of all the latest wedding trends, but all-in-one is not a theme.

Wedding Planner 4

8. I’m not your therapist

Love problems, mummy papa ki tension or a friend acting difficult. Not my problem! I know we’ve formed a great bond during all these months but, uh uh, I am not the person you should be venting to.

9. We’ll do what it takes

From fueling the generator to lending my car, taking care of your drunk guests and even wiping the floor after the champagne shower. We love weddings! And we’ll do what it takes to bring alive your dream wedding.

Wedding Planner 5

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