Married Into A Sindhi Family? 8 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get!

Married Into A Sindhi Family? 8 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get!
Congratulations! You are now a ‘daaghter’ of the Sindhi community. Gregarious, flashy, yet oh-so-loving; the Sindhis are an awesome bunch of people who can laugh at themselves too. We bet you’ll totally relate to this if you’re now part of a Sindhi family!

1. Food is sacrosanct to the Sindhis!

Yes, you may not understand this at first; but Sindhis love their food and plan their whole day around their meals. Khaado + maani + roti + rasoi = life!

sindhi bahu1

2. Sindhis love to socialize

From a mata ki chowki to a birthday, everything must be celebrated with fanfare! And no, you must not skip the dressing up part (no matter how simple your taste usually is).

3. They tend to be a little *ahem* over the top!

From the glittering diamonds to the flashy outfits – they make no bones about loving all things stylish.

sindhi bahu 2

4. Tempers will fly if there’s no papad at home

Meals without papad is not the same, okay? And no...even a day without it is just criminal.

5. Damadam Mast Kalandar

This song has a special place in the hearts of all Sindhis; so you might as well learn to love it. (And dance to it excitedly at all the family weddings).

sindhi bahu3

6. One big, happy family!

Sindhis can be pretty Hum Saath Saath Hain in their approach. So, even the smallest dinners turn into occasions with the whole extended family! This is a little hard to digest for non-Sindhis, but we’re pretty sure you’ll get used to it.

7. Teejri lovin’

If you are now a Sindhi bahu, you’ve got to keep teejri - our very own version of karwa chauth. Yeah, if there was no such concept in your community, then you’ve got your husband to thank (or not!) ;)

sindhi bahu 4

8. Truckloads of love!

Sindhis can be pretty quirky, and some of their traits are even laughable. But there’s one place the community comes out winning – and that’s the department of love! They seem to have it in abundance and love showering it on others; especially the kids in the family. So if you’ve married into a Sindhi household, know that you’ll never, ever run out of love.

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