13 Things You’ll Get If You Went To Modern School, Barakhamba!

13 Things You’ll Get If You Went To Modern School, Barakhamba!
Modern is not a school, Modern is a way of life - and anybody who has studied here, knows it to be true. There are many ways in which being a Modernite completely changes who you are and what you become, and this is probably why, however old you may grow , you never cease to identify yourself as a proud Modernite! Here are 13 things all Modernites will get!

1. Modern is a legacy…

One that is three decades old, and still many generations ahead compared to any other premiere institute in the nation!

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2. Horse riding? Squash? It trains you to always aspire for more!

No wonder Modernites wish to touch the skies at NASA, or travel the globe with exchange programs like CDLS or organise marathons and run for causes they deeply believe in!

3. Activities are a huge part of what you become at Modern!

‘Coz the real-world cannot be taught through books, but has to be learnt through live participation and interactions.

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4. And so we've got more societies in our school, than people are offered at college!

From the regular dance and drama to exclusive clubs like astronomy, economics, environment … Take your pick, we’ve just got it all!

5. These societies become your family at school…

And why not? With a room to yourself, and many, many hours spent collecting funds and putting up stalls at the Diwali fest - who wouldn’t make memories that last a lifetime, and friendships that last forever?

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6. Heard of the Good Life Campaign or maybe Community Development Leadership Summit?

Yup, that’s all us! And while we are in school .. can you believe 17 year olds being so awesome?

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7. But we’re just as fun too!

Let’s just say stories about that famous banyan tree from where we have been charged of bunking school, well...they aren’t all untrue.

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8. And you’ll find lovers on the squash court…

It’s the perfect distance from the school building, just about the right amount of privacy young lovers need.

9. We’re super proud of our uniform, and actually love to flaunt it…

Who else gets an option between skirts and suits? And our suits aren’t the regular boring stuff, they’re super cool too.

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10. The world may think we’re snobs for having an opinion, on everything...

But well, we can’t help being better than the lot now, can we?

11. Rivalry with other schools?

Naah … we’ve got our best competition in school, with those other societies!

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12. It’s not just the well-known folks, from Gautam Gambhir to Khushwant Singh, who have made us popular…

It’s all of us who carry the traits, of being leaders and visionaries and embody the school’s philosophy of being different.

13. And then, we stay Modernites at heart forever!

And our MSOSA makes sure we always stay in touch .. with Christmas balls and fests that keep bringing us back to our favourite place in the entire world - our school!

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