10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’ve Studied At Amity!

10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’ve Studied At Amity!
Amity University is an entire universe in itself! It’s a world spread across acres of land, dotted by thousands of students who live the best years of their life there. If you too have studied at Amity, here are 10 things you’ll totally get...

1. The first few days of college, the HUGE campus feels like a maze…

But by the end of the first sem, every gang finds its own special nook and corner on the stairs and in the plaza, and just about everywhere else!

studied at amity

2. Crossing one block to the other is all the exercise we need to stay fit!

And yet, we can never stop cribbing and complaining about it! Or, trying to sneak into elevators reserved for staff members. :P

3. We may be stressed and pressed.. but we’ll ALWAYS be well-dressed!

We just know the magic of power dressing, and never compromise on that!

studied at amity

4. Multi-tasking? Oh, you got that!

Classes that start at 9, and go up to 5 in the evening, and assignments that take the rest of the night? We still manage to chill with our peeps like a boss!

5. The parties we throw are legendary! (The unofficial ones, at least!)

Every freshers’ and farewell has an unofficial side to it that the entire town hears and raves about!

studied at amity

6. And everyone from Edward Maya to Sonam Kapoor has paid us a visit!

Be it for their movie promotions, or for jamming at our fests...celebs are a common sight on campus!


7. The best cars in town? Lined up at our parking lot…

We’ve just got a thing for fancy rides. Plus those clear, wide lanes right outside the campus...well, what better place to flaunt them at?

studied at amity

8. Our social life is often the envy of others!

Because by the time we get through with our course in college, we just know more people than we ever have before, what with the many classmates we studied with, and the many more people we meet every day from different sections/ courses/ societies.

9. Be it CCD tucked away in our library, or live matches at the arcadia…

… Or the best food joints in the campus, or our fav Maggi and juice point right outside it, or even BP market a little further away - we just have the best of both worlds.

studied at amity

10. But at the end of the day, it feels more like a school than a college

With a strict code to wear a uniform (read formals), to not be able to skip as many classes as we would like to (super high cut for attendance), and continuously getting debarred (and being fined for it)! But hey, who wants school life to ever end, right?!

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