10 Things You'll Get If You Show Your Emotions TOO Easily!

10 Things You'll Get If You Show Your Emotions TOO Easily!
Are you that girl who, even if she wanted to, just can't hold back her emotions?! With time, though, you've come to terms with this quirk of yours. And these are some things that you're all too familiar with because of that.

1. People are very scared of giving you bad news.

Since they're really worried about how big a meltdown you'll have because of it.

2. And amazingly good news too!

Because happy tears while dancing are a thing they're used to as well!

3. Your friends think you're an open book.

Because everything you think automatically shows on your face.

show emotions easily 3

4. People carry a box of tissues when they're watching movies with you.

Because what if someone dies?!

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5. You refuse to looks at any sad commercials or wedding videos when you're around people.

Especially when you're at work!

6. People often make fun of your sensitivity.

Before they realize you're sensitive about them making fun about your sensitivity.

show emotions easily 6

7.  Everyone who's been around you has suggested that you go for acting!

Because expressing your emotions anyway comes so naturally to you!

8. Everyone knows to tread on eggshells when you're PMSing.

Every emotion amplifies and you just can't hold anything back.

9. You don't even bother lying.

What's the point? They'll know in a second that you're lying because of your expression.

show emotions easily 9

10. Your friends know to come to you if they need an honest opinion.

Because even if you try to fake approval, your face will tell the truth!!

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