14 Things You’ll Totally Get If You LOVE To Click Pictures!

14 Things You’ll Totally Get If You LOVE To Click Pictures!
We all curse that friend who obsesses with the camera when we all are out, but truth is...she’s the only person capturing all the special moments. And even though you don’t make much of it now, years later you will have the most gratitude for this person. Trust us! And if you are that picture taker, memory maker of the gang – keep up the good work, and you’re definitely going to relate to this one!

1. You find yourself uttering “Say Cheeeseeee” an awful lot!

Almost as much as the words Hi or Hello!

love to take pictures

2. You love taking pictures; it has nothing to do with the camera you use.

It does help, though, that you may own a DSLR.

3. Instagram is your best friend.

Hefe, Valencia, Rise...you beauties!

love to take pictures

4. Clicking is the easy part, sending everyone pictures later is the bitch.

These files are heavy, people!

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5. When any of your friends wants to change their display picture, they simply ask you to send them what you got!

Ab yaad aayi naa meri!

love to take pictures

6. As a result of you taking all the pictures, you barely feature in any!

Thank God selfies exist or you wouldn’t have pictures at all.

7. You don’t mind clicking many versions of the same moment.

Never know which one turns out perfect, right?

love to take pictures

8. You are the best at wishing people happy birthday!

You simply dig into your treasure trove of photographs and post them online.

9. You are also the queen of #ThrowbackThursdays!

After all, you have all the ammunition for the best Throwbacks.

love to take pictures

10. While buying a phone, you are pretty clear on the criteria.

It has to have a good camera, duh!

11. You love to travel.

All photography lovers do.

love to take pictures

12. You talk passionately about things like Natural Light and Flash.

Taking great pictures is an art, okay?

13. You have only one thing already planned for your own wedding.

That you are going to hire a great candid photographer, obviously.

love to take pictures

14. You may or may not be the best at it but you keep taking photographs, because deep down in your heart you know that moments pass us by and photographs are the only things that keep you connected to them.

You big camera toting softie, you!

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