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9 Things You'll Get If Your Friends Are Older Than You!

9 Things You'll Get If Your Friends Are Older Than You!
Being the youngest amongst your friends has its perks and its downsides. The topic of your age difference doesn't come up often, but when it does, you're often teased about it - and at other times, you do the teasing! Here are a few things you'll get if most of your friends are older than you!!

1. Your friends LOVE to start their sentences with, "Yes, but when you become my age…".

Hello! You aren't THAT ancient!!

2. Many of the life lessons you've learnt are from your friend's past experiences.

So you know what NOT to do! :P

3. They help you figure out life. And stuff that comes along with it.

Oh, THAT's what a PF account is. And this filing for taxes thing... older friends

4. They're constantly jealous of you!

"You have so much time to do things with your life!" and "You don't even have to worry about wrinkles yet!"

5. But they also LOVE to make you jealous!

“HAH, they ID-ed you? Aw, it's okay I'll order you a drink.” POPxo banner

6. You're called (and treated like) the baby of the group.

You act annoyed about the hair fluffing and the cheek pulling, but secretly enjoy the food cooking and the mild pampering. older friends

7. Their conversations start to freak you out with time.

Marriage? Babies? RETIREMENT plans? Whaaaaaat?

8. You're definitely an aunty. Because some of your older friends have already had babies!

And so you have two sets of birthday parties to attend: those of your friends', and those of their kids'.

9. But you also tend to get treated by people. A lot.

It's like "You're so young, don't even dare reach for your wallet."
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