12 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re From Bangalore!

12 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re From Bangalore!
Growing up in Bangalore, we've all got a very special place in our hearts for the city. It might have its flaws and all, but in our minds it's the perfect place to have grown up - and to have ever lived in! Here are the things you'll totally get if you're from Bangalore!

1. Every time you meet someone from a different city the first thing they tell you is that they're jealous of you because your city gets all the cool concerts!

2. Bangalore, Bengaluru - no matter what you call it, it's nationally known as the Pub Capital of India.

3. Sure, yes, the airport is really REALLY far from the city, but at least the traffic is better than in any of the other metro cities!

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4. It's never too cold, never too hot but ALWAYS so pleasant!

5. Bangalore people are just too chill! Rarely do you get bothered or catcalled walking down the streets, day or night!

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6. It might as well be the Startup Capital of India too, with the number of successful new companies coming up from here!

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7. We might not have Sarojini Nagar and Colaba Causeway, but we're still pro at bargaining - what with all the shopping trips we make to Commercial Street.

8. And we also have the totally awesome warehouse sales at Safina Plaza!

9. AND, oh, Forum Mall! The first mall and multiplex that was just so bloody cool.

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10. The need for any statement accessories takes you directly to Brigade Road.

11. Everyone has some awesome memories of going to 'Corner House' for ice-cream after school!

12. Sure, initially all our school trips were bogus ones to Kodaikanal and Mysore. But then as seniors we got to go to Kerala, Pondicherry and, best of all, GOAAA!

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