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11 Things You’ll Get If You’ve Ever Had A Crush On A Friend!

11 Things You’ll Get If You’ve Ever Had A Crush On A Friend!

He’s not just your pal, but he also happens to be the one you have the mushiest feelings for. Face it, when the two of you are together, sparks always fly. You know what this means, right? Yes, girl, you have a major crush on him! Here are 11 things you’ll totally relate to if you’ve ever had a crush on a friend! 1. He’s always the first friend you call to ask what his plans are and whether he’d like to chill together when you’re free. crush on a friend 2. You’ve tried to get his other friends to like you, in the hopes of them noticing how perfect you are for him. :P 3. Every little thing he says or does makes you giggle and blush like a three-year-old. crush on a friend 4. You don’t have to meet up with him to know what’s happening in his life. His life is just a tap away on Facebook and Snapchat . 5. Only a privileged few know about those feelings you have for him. You don’t want him to find out about your feelings from other people, duh! crush on a friend 6. You’ve secretly fantasized about doing naughty things to him. Which has made you blush randomly in the middle of a conversation with him. ;-) new_in_story_banner_500px 7. When you’re around him, even though you’re super comfortable as friends, you have moments when you’re really conscious about the way you talk, look and act. crush on a friend 8. When he’s around other women, you find yourself becoming really possessive about him. 9. If you hear anyone say anything bad about him, they become your mortal enemy! crush on a friend 10. At the back of your mind, you wonder if he likes you the way you like him too. 11. It’s like your heart wants you to tell him about the way you feel, but your mind is like “Ah, forget it!” crush on a friend GIFs: Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST READ: Crazy Things We All Do When We’re Crushing On A Guy! MUST READ: 10 Things To NOT Worry About When Talking To Your Crush!
Published on Dec 23, 2015
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