10 Things You’ll Get If You Aren’t Fussed About How You Look!

10 Things You’ll Get If You Aren’t Fussed About How You Look!
We live in a world where "selfies" reign, where applying makeup is almost compulsory, where being a size zero sometimes feels like the only size to be. But then there ARE some of us who really don't fit into that category. We just don't seem to care too much!

1. The bedhead look is so "IN"

Your haircare regime (or the significant lack of it) is quite astounding to people. Your excuse for it is blaming the bedhead trend. Also, thank God for buns.

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2. Converse all stars!

You have a comfy pair of Converse shoes. It is your go-to pair for pretty much all occasions when you don’t want to bother. Multiple pairs of shoes? Just why?!

3. Why so shiny?!

You never have anything sparkly to wear to a family get-together or a party. You like your jeans. People have to constantly remind you that you are not going to a picnic.

4. Liquid liners – no!

A liquid eyeliner is your one true mortal enemy. You never even want to attempt the "winged-eye" look.

5. Body lotion covers the entire body, right?

You have one body lotion or moisturizer for your entire body. Face, legs, hands, torso, everything. In fact, you just recently discovered that there are body lotions made purely for different parts of the body.

do not care about looks

6. You really believe in "less is more"

The one singular "trendy" thing in your wardrobe is that pair of socks with the colourful stripes. "Minimalist" is YOUR style statement. 

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7. Bold brows for the win

When you get your eyebrows done once in about three months, people stare at you and compliment you endlessly. They also mention how clean you look - it does not really makeup for all the pain and suffering, though.

8. High heels are pure evil!

You wouldn't want to be caught dead in a pair. Anyone who choses high heels is signing up for pain and torture. Any boyfriend/ girlfriend/ friend/ family member who gifts you a pair or even so much as suggests you get a pair is a sadist.

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9. Meri kurti sexy!

Your formal/ date/ casual look comprises a kurti, skinny jeans, a pair of Kolhapuri chappals and a brown leather satchel. Your party wear comprises the same things, with the kurti in a slightly brighter colour.

10. Much size, many comfort.

You deliberately shop for over-sized, flowy clothes. Bodycon is for masochists.

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