12 Things You’ll Get If You’re “Next In Line” To Get Married!

12 Things You’ll Get If You’re “Next In Line” To Get Married!
“Agla number tera”… Three words that haunt you long after they’re spoken to you! Life gets super annoying when you reach that age when the cousin just a little older than you gets married and you officially become the next person in line in your family who is supposed to tie the knot! Here is what happens…

1. “So, when are you getting married?”

One minute your cousin gets hitched, and the next minute everybody starts poking you! Everybody including you mum, your dad, your siblings, your neighbours, that chachi and even the cousin who put you in this position by getting married!

2. Any lack of attention you may have felt from your family? This is the phase that makes up for it!

For their lives will, henceforth, centre around you and planning to get you married!

get married soon

3. You suddenly start feeling a bit older than you actually are…

And your family leaves no occasion to point it out to you either! “26 saal me toh mere do bache ho gaye the!”

4. Sharma ji ka beta engineer hai, package bhi acchha hai

Getting acchhe rishte for you becomes the single duty/ hobby/ fav pastime of your entire family - and outshines every other discussion at any function you attend!

get married soon

5. If you have a boyfriend that you haven’t told your family about…

You start considering whether this is the time to drop the bomb!!

6. While the poor guy starts freaking out…

“But, babe, I am not ready. It’s too early!”

get married soon

7. You start thinking about your priorities in life

Marriage is one helluva big step, and you suddenly start analysing if you’ve lived the best of your single days or not!


8. Your parents start talking about everything in the future tense

We will go on a trip, after you get married. Or worse, you can go on that trip after you get married! Argh!!

get married soon

9. You avoid telling your parents about another friend who’s getting married

‘Coz that’ll just fuel them to look for an eligible guy for you faster!!

10. God forbid some cousin younger than you gets engaged...

Your parents freak out! It’s a competition now, they’ve gotta get you married before anyone else… Even if that cousin is only a few months younger.

get married soon

11. And sometimes when it becomes too much of a bother, marriage seems like a viable escape to you…

Till you shudder and shake yourself out of such dangerous thoughts!

12. Every time you open Facebook and find someone else getting married…

You know the wedding epidemic is for real and is gonna catch up with you soooonn!

get married soon

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