17 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re Not A 'Girly' Girl!

17 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re Not A 'Girly' Girl!
There are girls, and then there are girls who kind of not fit into the “bracket”. Because people say they are not really “girly” enough. Sounds familiar? Well, here are few things you will get if you are a not-so-girly girl!

1. Makeup for you means kajal, and you put on makeup only when you have to attend a dressy event.

You constantly ask your friends, “What is that light brown looking lotion?”

2. You have no idea when to use awww, xoxo and <3 while texting or chatting.

And when anyone sends you such a message, it takes you at least 5 minutes to decide how to respond. (It’s usually either silence or “hmmm”.)

not a girly girl 2

3. Lipstick? What lipstick?

You have your chapstick, and that is enough.

4. Chances are, you have never had threading done. If you have, it was under pressure.

Because your mom/ sister/ friend insisted. You regret that moment of weakness - now you have to deal with the whole regular maintenance business!

5. You often unknowingly “friend zone” yourself.

Because you don’t pick up the hints when a guy is showing interest in you.

6. You feel colour blind when people use words such as Marsala, Oxblood, Burgundy.

Aren’t they all just…maroon?!

7. You run at the sight of heels!

Because in your mind you can already visualise in how many ways you can actually fall while wearing those.

not a girly girl 7

8. At a party when you see a girl dressed up to the nines, you wonder how she managed to do it...

And then remember you spent the whole day lazing in front of the TV and got ready in, like, 5 minutes. Putting an effort to be dressed up for an event doesn’t come naturally to you.

9. And if by some miracle you manage to get a little decked up...

Everyone will be like “Arre wah! Ladki lag rahi hai!”, “You should try this more often”…

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10. You tend to not really understand most girls’ points-of-view about relationships...

Even while watching movies or a TV show.

11. You are dumbfounded when your guy friend comes to you for relationship advice...

Or ideas for gifts for his girlfriend. (Dude! What made you think I would know what they want?)

not a girly girl 11

12. Fiercely independent, you don’t get chivalry.

When a guy offers to help, you be like… “I can do it myself, why are you bothering?”

13. You know how to style your hair in one way...

And all you need is a hair tie.

14. No, you don’t dream (or even hypothetically plan) your wedding.

And you have no particularly fascinating contributions to make when your friends are planning theirs! You’re more likely to be thinking, “Shit, will I have to to dress up for her wedding?”

not a girly girl 14

15. And when you do attend a wedding…

You’ve mastered the art of repeating the two ethnic outfits you have in your closet, like, a 100 times.

16. You’re definitely more excited about Batman vs Superman than Bajirao Mastani.

And what’s this fuss about The Notebook anyway?!

17. When you hear someone say “Let’s take a selfie!”...

You first instinct is to hide!!

not a girly girl 17

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