9 Things You’ll Get If Your Relationship Status Is “Complicated”

9 Things You’ll Get If Your Relationship Status Is “Complicated”
Facebook introduced "Complicated" as a relationship status and basically left us to deal with the aftermath. Now people actually accept it being a valid option and we've become accustomed to it too. So what really happens when you're in this kind of a relationship? It's…a bit complicated to explain. But if you've ever been in one, these are a few things you'll definitely get!

1. You can't even count the number of times people ask you awkward questions…

And the awkward, half-answers that you give them change every time!

2. You never really know how to introduce him…

"Uhm, this is, hmm, this guy?"

3. Your friends keep trying to help you uncomplicate things…

But even they don't know where to begin. And when they do, they keep going around in circles.

complicated relationship 3

4. People automatically assume the guy is a douchebag.

And sometimes, you actually agree with them.

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5. But there are other times, you come to his defence.

After all, he lies somewhere between a friend and a boyfriend. Or something. You get it.

6. You're always very unsure about your weekend plans.

If you have a date, or even a "not-a-date"... It's always a bit confusing.

complicated relationship 6

7. You spend way too long going over the texts you send him…

"Should I add an emoji? Would that be weird? Hmm, better not. Or just one."

8. You're super unsure about what to do when other guys are interested in you…

You wonder if you're crossing some boundaries. Or if there even are any boundaries.

9. But you know you'll figure things out…

Eventually! (One day, very soon, you're sure you will!)

complicated relationship 9

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