What It’s Like To Be In A Relationship If You’re A Shy Girl!

What It’s Like To Be In A Relationship If You’re A Shy Girl!
Being in a relationship and in love is awesome, but if you’re a shy girl sometimes that amazingness is also mixed with a bit of awkwardness, especially in a new relationship. You can’t help it, it’s just the way you are. If you’re a shy girl in a relationship, you’ll totally get these things.

1. PDA Is Really Not Your Thing

Sure, holding hands is ok and a few tiny pecks here and there, but you can never be one of those girls who is totally fine with fully smooching her guy or having a full-on makeout sesh in the middle of a club. 

2. You’re A Great Listener

And you remember even the small things he talks about.

3. You Feel Pretty Uncomfortable When You Meet His Friends

Even if you don’t show it. What are you supposed to say to them? How do you hold a conversation for more than a couple sentences? What if you’re too quiet and they think you’re weird? You can’t help but feel a bit awkward.

4. You Prefer To Wait Before Sleeping With Each Other

You like to take things slow and there’s nothing wrong in that.

shy girl in a relationship

5. When The Clothes Come Off…

You much prefer that the lights are strictly turned off!

6.  It’s Not Easy For You To Open Up

Or speak freely about your feelings. You generally keep it all in but you’re slowly learning to talk it out with him. It really does help.

7. You’re Independent

You’re not someone who HAS to be in a relationship. You’re perfectly fine on your own and only get into one when you *really* like someone.

8. You Can’t Control Your Blushing!

He tells you how beautiful you are or what a great kisser you are and you can’t stop yourself from blushing uncontrollably.

shy girl in a relationship

9. He Sometimes Thinks You’re Mad When You’re Not

You’re just quiet; you’re not giving him the silent treatment!

10. You Don’t Like Being The Centre Of Attention

Karaoke will definitely never be your thing. You even get embarrassed when he makes you cut a cake at a restaurant on your birthday.

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11. Meeting His Parents Is Terrifying

Actually anybody he’s related to!

12. You Enjoy Your Space At Times

You love being with him but also like being by yourself at times to just read a book or listen to some music.

shy girl in a relationship

13. You Try Your Best To Avoid Doing Something Gross/Embarrassing In Front Of Him

Burping, farting or even talking about poop.

14.  You Can Be Pretty Romantic

Explicitly expressing your feelings may not be your thing, but you make it up by writing cute love notes and sharing mushy quotes with him.

15. You Will Think 500 Times Before Posting A Pic Of The Two Of You On Facebook

Publicly proclaiming your love is really not your style.

16.  But Once You Open, Up You Won’t Shut Up!

It may take you time to become really comfortable and open with him, but once you do, things are amazing and so worth it. A slow and steady relationship can definitely be a strong one!

shy girl in a relationship

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