13 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re A Nepali Girl In India!

13 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re A Nepali Girl In India!
Here's the thing, Nepali girls will always be unique - and mostly rather tiny. We love India, we love being in India, but there are a few things that people keep saying to us that we could do without. #JustSaying!

1. “You eat rice every day?!?”

We can eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner! And all our friends have to order a portion of rice when we are going out! Thus our love for chhole chawal and rajma rice.

2. “Wow! How are you so thin?!”

Congratulations on being the millionth person to ask, but no, we eat a lot and have been blessed with great genes!

3. Denim on denim? Sure, why not!

Yes, we have somehow acquired great dressing sense. We can also pull off the "denim pants and denim shirt look" with ease!

Nepali Girl In India

4. “Listen, the autowallah will charge you more, don’t pay more than Rs 40, okay!”

We MUST have our shades on even after 7 pm, because chances are that the autowallas will see the size and shape of our eyes! If they do, they'll find a way to charge us thrice the amount.

5. "Oh, I thought you were from Darjeeling/ Shillong, you know?"

Really, if my face were a geography test, you would have aced that test!

6. "You don't look Nepali!"

No, not everyone in Nepal looks the same. Yes, like India, Nepal is a vibrant mix of different races.

Nepali Girl In India

7. “You guys are really pretty!”

Thank you! I'm not being, vain but we do get this a lot. It’s a nice feeling. :P

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8. “You guys don't have any hair on your body, kya?”

Of course we have hair. Like every other woman, we use our fair share of razors, we wax our bodies, we thread our faces - but to be really honest, it’s not all that bad.

9. “You'll be the next Manisha Koirala!”

No. But now that you mentioned it, maybe I should try my hand at acting?

Nepali Girl In India

10. "Ehh, Nepali, make momos!"

Arrey, I admit that we get to eat the best momos, but that doesn’t mean I know how to make them. Making momos is an art, one you master over time. Go learn it yourself, na?

11. “So you climb the mountains often?”

People often tell us how lucky we are to be living amongst the mountains, but the truth is, Nepal is not just mountains and mountains. But, yeah, you got the “lucky” part fairly right.

12. “WOW! You sure know how to shake a leg!”

Yes, we got the moves like Jagger and wouldn’t mind teaching you some!

Nepali Girl In India

13. “Can I borrow some ‘stuff’?”

Yes, Nepal was and is famous for the finer “stuff”, but sorry to disappoint you...not all of us are stoners!!

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