12 Things You’ll Get If You’re A Girl With A “Dark Complexion”

12 Things You’ll Get If You’re A Girl With A “Dark Complexion”
All you gotta do is take a look at our celebrities who set beauty benchmarks for the rest of us to aspire to be - and we’re sure the lower numbers of darker complexioned women in the industry is pretty hard to miss. This is what it’s like to be a dark complexioned girl in a land that’s obsessed with all things fair.

1. People keep trying to make you feel better about being “so dark” by saying random sh** like...

“You know, you’d be really pretty, if you were just a little less dark”, or “You’re really pretty for a dark girl”! Like, seriously!

1 dark skinned girl

2. And they think you’re super “lucky”, if your partner is fairer than you

Because fairness is a prize, and a dark girl has to be super lucky to win such a prize, ‘coz she can’t offer it back to her partner for sure!

3. But they’re glad for you - at least your kids now have some chance of not being born dark too...

And they would have you pray and hope that he takes after your fairer partner, ‘coz what worse luck can a child have than taking after the complexion of the darker parents’ skin, right?

4. You’ve heard often how dark colours make you look “even darker”...

And lighter colours apparently make you do the same thing! So that basically means that there is nothing you can do to appease the world. That’s good to know.

4 dark skinned girl

5. And how when you wear gold, you look like a “South Indian”!

And that’s how you offend two kinds of people in one single sentence, folk. It’s amazing how these stereotypes are paraded around so thoughtlessly by people.

6. Many aunties in your family are worried that “no boy will ever marry you”...

Actually, they might be right. No guy will  - if you consider the sheer number of advertisements looking for a tall, fair, educated, well-mannered bride...


7. Which is why they then implore you to get your face bleached/ apply that fairness creams...

Apparently, it’s just NOT okay to feel comfortable in the skin that you are born in! It’s a concept they simply don’t seem to get.

7 dark skinned girl

8. Some people just can’t fathom how you could be dark if both your parents are fair...

And you almost feel like they are accusing you of having done something bad by being born dark!

9. They say this as a compliment: “You look like [insert name of dark complexioned actress]”

It’s their way of making you feel better about yourself that does NOT help. It’s like they are telling you, “If she could, despite her colour, there’s hope for you too.” What about TALENT, folks? Does that count for nothing?

10. And then there are those 300-year-old jokes...

Arre, tumko kya darr tan hone ka...” “Arre, tum toh andhere mein dikhti hee nahin!

10 dark skinned girl

11. And if you call them racist for such comments...

They’ll try to act all cool and ask YOU to stop being so sensitive. About who you essentially are. WOW.

12. But the sad truth is, nothing’s gonna change until we actually decide to stop feeling bad about our complexions

Never, ever, EVER say “Oh no, I’m so dark” like it’s a bad thing. You’re beautiful and perfect just as you are - and that’s ALL there is to it.

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