Wedding Day Essentials! 11 Things You MUST Pack!

Wedding Day Essentials! 11 Things You MUST Pack!
Anything can happen amidst the craziness of a wedding and it’s always good to be well prepared. Get your bestie to help and put together a wedding day emergency kit. Ask her to remain beside you during the function so you’re never far from help. Wrap the kit with a cute ribbon and call it ‘The Bride’s Just In Case’.

1. Hair pins

For last minute flyaways. Or if a hair or flower strand comes off!

2. Make-up

Your lipstick might just bleed by the time you walk into the pheras. Choose one closest to your D-day lip shade and keep it in your emergency kit. Also stock up on a compact (the harsh lights will make you sweat!) and a blush for restoring colour to your face. You don’t want the guests to comment, “The bride looked pale.” Put in a small pack of Q Tips and eyeliner or pencil to repair any mascara or eyeliner mishaps. Plus, a nail file and polish, though we strongly recommend a Shellac manicure!    

Bridal emergency kit1

3. Earring backs

They fall off all the time! Keep some handy to slip on, if needed.

4. Mints

Mushy whispering with your boy? But first, pop in a mint!

5. Perfume

So many hugs to give on your wedding day. Keep a perfume handy!

bridal emergency kit 2

6. Extra footwear

We know you paid a bomb for those super-cute heels. But, if your feet ache or the heel snaps off, keep a pair of comfy wedges or pretty juttis ready. Break in all your shoes so you don’t get a shoebite.

7. Double-sided tape

Use it as an earring back, set your maang tikka in place or spot-fix a fraying hem.

8. Handkerchief

So you can wipe tears off when you get misty-eyed without smudging your make-up. Keep a small pack of wet wipes handy for accidental spills or splashes.

9. Safety pins

They are a girl’s best friend, after diamonds that is. They’ll repair a broken zip, a slight rip or just to pull your dupatta in place.

bridal emergency kit 3  

10. Battery pack

You don’t want your phone to run out of juice!

11. Med 911

Band-Aid, aspirin and sanitary napkins. *Fingers Crossed* but it’s always good to be well-prepared.

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