17 Things You Can ONLY Learn From Your Younger Sister!

17 Things You Can ONLY Learn From Your Younger Sister!
Being an older sister, you’ve probably always thought yourself to be the one who teaches rather than the one who learns. From maths problems to dealing with boy troubles, you’ve always had your baby sister’s back, even if she loves annoying you. Who knew that you would end up learning so many cool things from her? We give you a few things you would have never learnt if it hadn’t been for her. It turns out, your little sister is actually pretty wise, though you’ll never tell her that of course!

1. To Not Be So Judgy

She’s probably told you before how judgmental you are and you’ve learnt to be less thanks to her. She’s spent her whole life watching and listening to all the silly crazy things you’ve done and has never, ever judged you once.

2. You Only Fight With The People You Love

That explains all those dramatic screaming matches and days you’ve spent not talking to each other just because she stained your favourite top.

 things you learn from your younger sister

3. You Can Actually Be Prouder Of Someone Else, Even More Than Yourself

Now you understand how your parents felt when either of you graduated, got your first job, got promoted or got married. 

4. How To Be Patient

Her spoilt brat behavior can often drive you mad, but it’s also helped you become a more patient, calmer person.

 things you learn from your younger sister

5. Watching TV And Doing Nothing Is Not As Fun When You’re Alone

Watching Friends, Gossip Girl and all your shows is way more fun when she’s watching next to you.

6. She Makes You Realise That You Actually Have Gotten Wiser With Age (Even If You Don’t Feel It)

When she needs advice about dealing with her boss or her fight with her bestie, you always manage to give her helpful pearls of wisdom. Sometimes you even surprise yourself with how awesome you are at giving killer advice!

things you learn from your younger sister

7. She Taught You To Share

From your toys to your room. You’ve realized the hard way that your wardrobe actually isn’t just ‘your’ wardrobe.


8.  She's Your Fashion Icon

Sure, she used to love imitating you as a kid, but now she keeps you updated on all the trends and somehow manages to make your clothes look trendier!!

 things you learn from your younger sister

9.  It’s Okay To Not Give A Damn

Maybe it’s because your parents weren’t as strict with her as with you, but your little sister can teach you a thing or two about living on your own terms and not worrying about what other people think.

10. She Helps You Make Better Decisions

You’re her role model and the person she’s always looked up to. That alone is enough to push you into making the right choices in life.

things you learn from your younger sister

11. How To Be A Good Listener

She’s grown up listening to you chatter on about life. Even those late night conversations in bed next to each other was mostly you going on about your friends and boyfriends. And who else would you vent to about how unreasonable your parents were during those teen years? Thanks to her you’ve realized the importance of just being there and listening.

12. To Just Laugh

When she’s around, things are more hilarious. She helps you laugh at yourself and helps you lighten up when you’re in a dark mood. Seriously, life was pretty boring till she came about. Shh, don’t tell her that but!

 things you learn from your younger sister

13. How Not To Handle Your Parents

Your deadline was 11 pm whereas she coolly walks in at 2 am. She clearly knows how to deal with your parents way better than you!

14. To Be Protective

You don’t know true protectiveness till some snooty girl messes with your baby sister or some jerk breaks her heart.

 things you learn from your younger sister

15. Being More Responsible

From babysitting the little monster to having her tag along when you go out, you’ve always had to look after her and learnt to be the responsible one from a young age.

16. You’re Better Equipped To Be A Mom

As an elder sister, you’ve pretty much done it all in terms of taking care of another human. In fact, she even calls you her second mummy.

 things you learn from your younger sister

17. To Love Unconditionally

You may have loved to annoy and bully her when you were younger, but she’s the person who’s taught you that it’s possible to love someone even more than you love yourself. You share so much more with her than a last name and the same nose, you share a special bond that you cherish forever.

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