7 Things Women Do WAYYY Better Than Men!!

7 Things Women Do WAYYY Better Than Men!!
Who rule the world? We do, we do, we do! Okay, agreed, we love our boy besties, boyfriends and husbands A LOT – but we have come to a consensus that there are some things we girls just do better than the boys. Like, dear boys, no offence and all, but open your eyes and smell the coffee because there’s no denying this list. So here’s to girl power and feeling pretty darn good about ourselves – BOO ya!

1. Multitasking, like a friggin’ boss!

Seriously, though, this is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of what we girls do wayyyy better than the boys. We can paint our nails while we talk on the phone (to our best friends and help them solve any type of crisis) while making delicious chai and shopping online (hello, refresh button). If that isn’t skill goals, we don’t know what is!

Things Women Do Better Than Men

2. Bridesmaid awesomeness

Ever noticed that when a girl’s bestie gets married she turns into personal shopper, venting partner, image consultant, errand runner, choreographer, a machine used to ward off annoying people, jewellery expert, spiritual guide and decorator all at once?! Whereas boys’ duties end at taking their groom-to-be friend for a drink, getting smashed and repeating these words over and over: “Meri bhai ki shaadi hai, broooo!” Umm, yeah, useful! NOT.

3. Shopping, duh!

Okay, so this one is a little stereotypical – but we had to put it in there because it’s so damn true. Besides, there ain’t no shame in shopping. In fact, if you ask us, it’s really an art. We don’t waddle into a showroom, and pick the first thing we see, buy it in all colours and walk out! We prep, we research, we ask around, we look online, we wait for sales, we brave those sales, and we come out...well, needless to say – fabulous! Winning at life, really.

Things Women Do Better Than Men

4. Agony aunt

It just comes naturally to us girls to care about those around us and give them a patient ear. We may not be able to actually solve your problem, but we can hear you out when you need to vent. And sometimes, even that’s enough! It’s a god-given skill – if you may. Now you know why a person who is a shoulder to lean on is called an agony aunt and not uncle. Take that, boys!

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5. Memory games!

Okay, so we know it’s the biggest cliché relationship joke that women remember e-v-e­­-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. The first conversation, the first kiss, the first hug, the first date...you know the drill. Truth is – yes, women (most women) do remember more than their significant others. But that’s because they celebrate the little things. And we all know it’s these very same little things that add flavour to any relationship. We women also remember exactly how our men like their coffee, how they hate certain TV shows, how they like to spend their holidays, so and so lovingly forth. Point is, we rule for remembering the little things. If the boys think that’s an easy task...they should try doing it once in a while!

Things Women Do Better Than Men

6. Communication mumbo jumbo

Argh! If only boys would learn to communicate their feelings...this world would be a much simpler place. We girls are usually pretty honest about our feelings. If we are crabby, we’ll let them know! But it doesn’t work like that for the boys – for some inexplicable reason. If they’ve had a bad day at work, they would much rather not talk about things and spend their time playing FIFA or some such, while we are supposed to just simply guess what’s wrong. Go figure!

7. The plan to plan!

Let’s face it: it’s usually the girls who are always making all the plans - and making them well! Ask a boy what he wants to do tonight and he’ll probably shrug, with a nonchalant “Whatever”. What is this “whatever”? Why don’t you boys plan something for a change?! Do you feel like going for dinner? Do you feel like going for a movie? Should we check timings? Should we book tickets? Plans don’t just “happen” you know. It’s we girls who make them happen!

Things Women Do Better Than Men

These boys, naa...love them, hate them, and still can’t live without them!

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