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10 Things That NEVER Go Out Of Fashion!

10 Things That NEVER Go Out Of Fashion!
With every new season comes a new fashion trend that becomes everyone’s favourite. These trends are ever-changing, they come and go like the wind. However, there are certain items that stay forever and never lose their chic quotient. These evergreen key fashion pieces are the foundations to building the perfect wardrobe. They never, ever go out of style, so go ahead and invest in them - because they will still be stylish five or ten years from now!

1. The crisp white shirt

Yes, there are many of us who think that the plain white shirt is kind of boring - it is most definitely not. The crisp white is classy as classy can be and can instantly make anyone look chic and elegant. It also gives you the freedom to accessorize and dress it up to suit your individual taste.

2. The straight fitted pants

It goes without saying that straight fitted pants are a wardrobe essential. One simply cannot do without a pair of trusty fitted pants. While wide legged pants and skinny jeans may come and go, straight jeans will always be your best friends through life! Nope, not even exaggerating!

3. The leather jacket

things that never go out of fashion The evergreen leather jacket is an instant gamechanger when you want to up your look. It is ever so versatile and looks good with almost any outfit. Pair it with dresses or jeans, there is simply no wrong that a leather jacket can do!

4. The nude pumps

The lifesavers when we want to get out of a style rut. Known to make your legs look longer and slender, these heels can be worn with almost anything in your closet. Nude pumps have been around for decades and seems like they are not going anywhere. Thank heavens they’re not!

5. The sleek turtleneck

For days when you feel a pinch of cold in the air…turtlenecks will not only keep you warm but will also make you look stylish! They can be worn over or under dresses, with jeans or skirts. And you can even dress it up with your choice of accessories and look like a fashionista. So go ahead and grab that plain white turtleneck. Steve Jobs will certainly be proud! POPxo Banner

6. The printed scarf

things that never go out of fashion Scarves are the perfect accessories to change any look. Add some colour and splash to an otherwise bland outfit by simply wrapping a scarf around your neck. One can never look too overdressed or underdressed with a pretty printed scarf!

7. The trench coat

Another iconic item of clothing is the trench coat. They have elegant written all over them as they come in soft solid colours. Wear them over a dress or your favourite pants-shirt combo - trench coats make you look like the chic French fashionista with zero effort!

8. The little black dress

The invincible LBD still holds the number one position when it comes to wardrobe essentials that never go out of style. Known to flatter every body type and make a woman look beautiful, the little black dress is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe.

9. The quintessential black blazer

things that never go out of fashion Just like the little black dress is the queen of all dresses, the black blazer is also one of the most sought-after items of clothing till date. The black blazer can always be the answer to all your sartorial dilemmas and confusion!

10. The red lipstick

Luscious red lips is an instant pick-me-up and will make any dull day seem brighter...and any look! Red is one lip colour that looks good on everyone and will never ever let you down, no matter the time or place. So splash some colour on those lips and paint the town red! Images: Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: The ONE Item I Can’t Do Without! (Team POPxo’s Fashion Secrets) MUST-READ: 7 Fashion Items That Make You Look More Attractive – Instantly!