19 Ways Your Life Changes After You Get Engaged!!

19 Ways Your Life Changes After You Get Engaged!!
It’s finally happening. Whether he proposed to you, or it happened the traditional way with both your parents deciding it’s time, it’s finally happening! You’ve thought about this happening a billion times before and wondered what it would feel like and now you’re living it! Being a bride-to-be definitely comes with plenty of things you never thought of before. Here are a few things that happen that you only learn about once you get engaged. We’re sure you’ll nod along with everything on this list. How come nobody told you any of this before?!

1. You Want Everybody To Know You’re Engaged!

Now you can totally relate to Monica in Friends!

things that happen when you get engaged

2. But Then You Have To Retell The Story Again And Again And Yet AGAIN!

How did it happen? Did your parents agree right away? Did he get down on one knee? Did you know the first time you met him that he was the one? What started out as you being more than eager to share all the deets soon reaches a point where you would do anything for them to change the topic just so you don’t have to repeat the same thing for the four-hundredth time!

3. Your Bahu Role Begins...

You may not be living with him or his parents just yet, but your role as the perfect bahu is already in full swing. From taking his London wali chachi shopping to organizing a fun outing for all his cousins, you’re already part of the family.

things that happen when you get engaged

4. The Congratulations Keep Pouring In

People you haven’t spoken to in ages, long-lost distant relatives, classmates you haven’t heard from in a decade - the messages and love amaze you and also kind of overwhelm you.

5. You Can’t Stop Staring At Your Ring!

And flashing it every chance you get – subtly moving your hair behind your ear every few minutes. Also, you start getting a manicure way more often and take ages deciding what nail paint goes best with your gorgeous new sparkler.

things that happen when you get engaged

6. Your Phone Gallery Is Only Filled With Screenshots Of Wedding Décor Ideas and Outfits

Pinterest and Instagram become your new bible for lehenga references and wedding hair inspiration.

7. Your Parents Are Immensely Relieved

You no longer have to deal with questions about where your relationship is going and if you plan on being single forever.

things that happen when you get engaged

8. You Start Realizing Just How Much It’s All Going To Cost

Everyone knows weddings are expensive, but THIS expensive? It’s unbelievable how much your fairytale shaadi is actually going to cost.

9.  You Have To Get Used To Calling Him Your Fiance

“This is my boyfriend...err, I mean fiancé.”

things that happen when you get engaged

10. Your Social Calendar Is Suddenly Jam-Packed!

All the wedding planning plus your family and friends plus his family and friends. Your social circle has literally doubled.

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11. “When’s The Wedding?” Is The First Question Everyone Asks

Wedding planning is basically your primary topic of conversation, no matter who you’re talking to.

things that happen when you get engaged

12. You Realize He Doesn’t Care As Much About The Wedding

It’s his wedding too, but you soon realize he isn’t as concerned about centrepieces and themes as you are.

13. Your Families Are Bonding...

Your parents now call each other up instead of making you the middle person.

14. There Are SO MANY Decisions To Be Made

The guest list, the venue, the menu, the colour scheme, the honeymoon – it’s an endless list!

things that happen when you get engaged

15. You Attend Weddings In A Totally Different Way Now

No, you no longer drink and dance. You’re too busy scrutinizing every detail to see what you should and should not incorporate in your own wedding.

16. You Daydream About Your Honeymoon A Lot

After a point, you just want all the crazy wedding planning and stress to come to an end and can’t wait till you and your man are off on your romantic beach vacay.

things that happen when you get engaged

17. You Vow To Start Cooking More

What will your mother-in-law think otherwise?!

18. There Are Some People Who Automatically Assume They’re Invited To Your Wedding

Even when they’re actually not. #Awkward

19. It’s Still Sinking In That You’re Going To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Him

And you couldn’t be happier!! ;-)

things that happen when you get engaged

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