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3 Things You Do While Sleeping That Are Ruining Your Skin!

 3 Things You Do While Sleeping That Are Ruining Your Skin!
We all know that sun exposure, pollution, stress are all daily factors that are damaging and aging your skin. But did you know the way you sleep can also give you premature wrinkles and lines? We tell you how you’re sleeping position and what you sleep on can be ruining your skin. Switch up the way you snooze for some actual beauty sleep!

1. Sleeping On Your Stomach

Sleeping on your front is pretty much the worst way to sleep. Crushing your face against your pillow every single night is the fastest way to lead to wrinkles, especially lines on your forehead. If you’ve ever woken up with those sleep lines on your face then you need to change your sleeping position stat. Oh, and chest wrinkles are also another side effect of sleeping on your stomach. Yikes!

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2. Sleeping On Your Side

We all spend some snooze time on our side at some point in the night. But sleeping on your side all through the night can form creases on cheek, chin and around your mouth. Before you freak out, you could alternate between sides instead of favouring just one side. Also, scoot lower down so only half your face is on the pillow and you’re not smashing your cheeks into it.

The best position is to sleep in is on your back!

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3. Sleeping On A Rough Pillowcase

When you sleep on a rough pillowcase for long periods of time, it can break down collagen of your skin which reduces firmness and cause wrinkles. A rough surface can tug at the skin and also cause dryness, and we all know dry skin is more prone to lines and wrinkles. The best kinds of materials for your skin (as well as your hair) are satin and silk. They’re gentle on your skin and can help it retain moisture.

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