9 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Are A Sagittarius Girl!

9 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Are A Sagittarius Girl!
We love Sagittarius women! They’re fierce, fun and they say it like it is! They’re versatile and hard to place in a box. Here are some things you will totally relate to if you’re a Sagittarius woman!

1. You want to know everything!

Sagittarius women want to know everything about the world around them. You like to learn and share what you’ve learnt with everyone around you! This is probably why you’re the designated advisor of your friends’ group!

sagittarius women

2. You find it hard to sugar coat things!

You may find a way to, but it seriously takes a lot of effort for you to hold in the truth and give a diplomatic answer instead. If there’s one thing you truly value, it’s honesty! And you always stand up for your beliefs.

3. You overthink just a little bit!

Yes, you do kind of have this chronic overthinking habit. But it often yields the best results for you! :P

sagittarius women

4. You are a bundle of optimism!

You are full of energy and enthusiasm. Your optimism and positivity in situations is contagious! You never let your mood be down for too long.

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5. You love being in love!

And make the most wonderful partner ever! You like to look at everything good in your partner and make them feel great about themselves too!

sagittarius women

6. You don’t like to depend on anyone for anything…

You are Miss Independent indeed. You have a tough, can-do spirit, which makes it all the more easy for you to achieve everything you want on your own! You don’t rely on anyone for your own happiness.

7. You enjoy some healthy competition!

You are competitive and nothing excites you nearly as much as some good, healthy competition. You like to be good, maybe even the best at everything that you do!

sagittarius women

8. You cannot stand to be kept waiting!

Patience is a virtue which you have, but just not in abundance! You absolutely detest waiting around doing nothing. Sitting idle with nothing to do is your personal hell!

9. You believe with all your heart that you can change the world!

Some may call you idealistic, but you know you’ve got the power. If you make up your mind to do something, no one can stop you even if they tried!

sagittarius women

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