13 Things No One Tells You About Being Engaged

13 Things No One Tells You About Being Engaged
Your courtship period is one of the most happy times of your life. At least, that’s what everyone will tell you. There are many thoughts that you will now have and new, strange situations that will happen post-engagement, and no one tells you about them! So, if you’re about to or just have been engaged, you’ve got to read this. And, congratulations!

1. Romance is in the air

Yes, we admit it too, becoming engaged has it’s fair share of romance. You’re both dreaming about making a life together and the happily ever after. It’s almost like a fairy tale. Love it while it lasts!


2. Put a ring on it

And now that he has, it’s all what people want to see. Even you can’t stop stealing a look at that glittering band around your ring finger. BTW, did we mention how irritating it is to sleep with it?

3. The madness begins!

Your mum and dad get into the full shaadi feel, fretting about how itna kam time reh gaya hai. Your sisters, brothers and besties are already hitting the gym and planning their outfits, and you’ve been bitten by the planning bug too!

4. But the fiance is no good

He’s not as obsessed with wedding planning as you and that’s when the petty fights begin. You’ll assume he’s not being responsible enough and annoy him with little details until he finally gives in once in a while.


5. You’re now an ‘almost’ bahu

Yes! You ‘almost’ have a second family now and the weekly calls are now mandatory. To mummy ji at least. Plus an occasional one to the SIL and maybe one odd call to say paripona to daddy ji too!


6. Too much kharcha happening

Your bank balance will go for a six because you’re making an effort to dress ‘engaged’. A little more dressy than usual, to be precise. Plus, you’ve started making extra trips to the salon.

7. But you’re also getting gifts!

Which is great! Any time you meet a new family member of his, you get a gift! Even your granny and mum are showering you with little gifts to make you feel special.


8. Family matters become super important

Now’s the time when you get your hands on all the gossip: the nasty mami, the over enthu bua and the cousin who ran away from home. And while you’re processing all this, you’ve also got to learn the names and the relationship matrix. Beware, complicated homework ahead!

9. Everyone only wants to talk about the wedding

Hello, you just got engaged! But the entire world wants to fast forward to the wedding. Did you finalise a date? What are you planning to wear? Ooh, is it going to be your first time in bed? Uff, why can’t people just relax?

10. And here comes the aunties’ advice

People just love giving out advice, right? It’s their favourite hobby! Advice on being married, how to be a good bahu, husband advice, clothing advice, relationship advice, planning advice. Unsolicited advice that you just don’t need.


11. You feel mature

You’ve just been engaged but you feel like a married woman with big responsibilities. We say, just cut loose, have a drink and forget about it all!

12. You’ll love and be grateful to your parents

You might have a love-hate relationship with your parents on any given day, but once engaged you’ll realise how much your parents mean to you and become grateful for all they’ve done for you. Especially your mum, you love and value her a lot more now.

13. You’ll feel like a celebrity!

All said and done, you’ll love all the attention that comes with being engaged! 


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