16 Things I Want To Say To The Boy Who REALLY Understands Me!

16 Things I Want To Say To The Boy Who REALLY Understands Me!
We have our good days, our not-so-good days and then we have our very bad days. For all these days, we want someone to just listen to us, accept us and remind us that that they are here to stay. One such person comes in the form of a partner who really, really understands you. And here are a few things I’d like to say to him. :-)

1. You look past all my flaws

You make my flaws feel normal, and because of this, you have made me such a confident person. Really, how do you do what you do?

understanding boyfriend

2. I have never had to even go on the verge of compromise with you. You let me be.

Being with you is like being with myself. It's like breathing air that's unrestricted. It feels like going to work in my pajamas. You are the complete definition of comfort.

3. You support me in doing what I have always wanted to do - even choosing a career path that might not be a conventional one.

You understand what I am passionate about. You trust me completely in my choices. It's a beautiful feeling, it's a blissful feeling.

4. I never have to lie to you about anything because you do not scare or intimidate me.

You never make me feel inadequate or anything less than amazing. Because you treat me as an equal is why I have the utmost respect for you.

understanding boyfriend

5. You make me feel beautiful. Even though I know that in the mornings I do not look like a goddess.

My eyes are droopy, my hair challenges gravity.... Yet you accept me for who I am, all of me, every inch of me. How can I not be love you for that?

6. The only time you have made me cry is when you've made me cry tears of joy…

And when you make me feel things that I never thought was possible!

7. You never once ask me "Are you PMSing?" when we have a stupid fight…

Even if we both know that I am, in fact, PMSing! You simply come over with grilled chicken and ice-cream and suggest we watch something stupid. How do you read my mind?

understanding boyfriend

8. You have taught me how to trust again.

You have taught me that no matter how broken I might sometimes feel, I am still whole. You have shown me how beautiful love is because every new day I wake up feeling more love for you.

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9. When I burp, fart and decide to not shave my legs, you laugh and let it be.

You remind me that it's only natural. And because you are so sweet, I shave my legs.

10. You've never made fun of my crooked teeth, instead you've called it cute and mentioned it's one of the reasons why you fell for me in the first place.

Because of you, I look at the mirror and smile. Even at my worst, you make me feel like a million dollars.

understanding boyfriend

11. You make the world a better place. You are just so patient and kind.

Sometimes, being with you feels almost unreal, something almost too good to be true, you know? I adore you for letting me live a fairytale!

12. You understand that I need my space sometimes.

You leave me to my devices and make sure you're around when I need you.

13. You respect my boundaries and my privacy.

You understand that I have a few secrets. And that when the time is right, I will tell you all the gruesome details without being asked.

understanding boyfriend

14. When you took me out to meet your friends for the first time, you never asked me to try to impress them.

Instead you said, "Be yourself, they will love you. And you don't have to force yourself to like them."

15. When you took me to meet your folks, all you said was "You have no reason to be nervous!"

And just like that, I decided to listen to you, because with time I've come to realize that you know what you’re talking about. :-)

16. You've gone out of your way a million times every day, just to put a smile on my face.

I want to thank you for understanding me in ways that I never even understood myself. Thank you for recognizing what I am capable of and showing me that I should give myself more credit.  

understanding boyfriend

Thank you for being the most wonderful human being, I love you. <3

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