Dear Mother In Law, I Want You To Know These Little Things About Me

Dear Mother In Law, I Want You To Know These Little Things About Me
It's no surprise that saas-bahu relationships can be complicated. The realities of marriage include a mother-in-law you're supposed to love like your own mom! Here’s what every new bride wants her mother in law to know.

1. I am not perfect

I'm new to being a wife and a daughter-in-law and it's inevitable that I will make mistakes. After all, this is real life and not an Ekta Kapoor plotline. I am no Tulsi/Parvati so it might help to lower your expectations!

2. I am not the enemy

I might call you 'mom' but like any new relationship, let's take our time getting to know one another. Believe it or not, I am not the Mogambo to your Mr India.

mother in law1

3. I want us to be friends

Instead of being jealous and suspicious, let's make an effort to create a happy and loving relationship. So Mom, please make 'frandship' with me?

4. It's my life

Please stop dropping hints. My uterus = my business!

mother in law 2

5. My career is important to me

My career gives me satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Please don't expect me to take an off every time we have guests in the house. Being an 'adarsh bahu', unfortunately, doesn't pay my bills.


6. No fashion policing, please!

I am as awesome in my jeans as I am in that Banarasi saree! You better get yourself ready for this jelly!

mother in law 3

7.  My parents will always be important to me

Just as I will honour my responsibilities towards my husband's family, I will also fulfill my duties towards my own parents. They have raised me all these years - I cannot let them down!

8. I need my space

My friends are an important part of my life and I want to step out and party with them. Maybe one day I'll ask you to join us!

mother in law

9. I am not you

I believe you when you say that you were the perfect wife who woke up at 6 am to pack your husband's tiffin, always kept your head covered and gave your MIL a daily head massage. But I am not you! And there isn’t just one way of being caring!

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