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#HeSays: 7 Things He Wants From You (Even If He Doesn’t Say It)

#HeSays: 7 Things He Wants From You (Even If He Doesn’t Say It)
From all of us guys, to the women in our lives. A few things guys really, really want from their partners - but are far too often too shy (or just plain awkward) to say out loud!

1. He wants your respect

Just as we have respect for you - as a person, for your strengths, your talents. It’s nice to know what we have your respect too! It’s not like we want you to say “I respect you” or something, but it’s a great feeling when you tell us that you appreciate certain characteristics of ours. :-)

2. He wants companionship

Yes, sometimes we want to JUST hang out with you. Even if we’re watching some boring movie on TV because we’re too lazy to do something else. No agenda, except your company. It’s just really nice to have you around.

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3. He wants you to admire him a bit! :P

Hey, we’re all suckers for flattery - men and women alike. So are you surprised that we want you to admire us? Maybe even a bit more than everyone else you admire? Whether it’s our skills at cricket or how good we are at giving you massages...a tiny little compliment can go a long way towards making us feel awesome - and being really happy about our relationship! ;-)


4. He wants those goofy romantic gestures every now and then!

Yeah, yeah, we know that men are supposed to be the ones making the grand gestures in love, but we don’t mind being gifted with some gestures ourselves. Even an email that says you missed us, or just an evening out you plan for us - it’s all very welcome. :-)

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5. He wants to feel like you're really attracted to him!

This one should go without saying. We like to know that you desire us as much as we desire you. Whether it’s a naughty sext saying “Can’t wait to see you tonight” or “That feels SO good” in bed - please keep us posted. We promise we’ll return the favour in double measure!!

6. He wants your support

It’s great when we’re with someone who believes in us. Someone who is happy to keep us company as we work towards our dreams. Because we’ll be there for you too.

things guys want from girl

7. He wants to feel loved. :-)

Well. Who doesn’t? :Simple fact of life. :P

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