#HeSays: 7 Things Women Shouldn’t Feel Shy About Saying In Bed!

#HeSays: 7 Things Women Shouldn’t Feel Shy About Saying In Bed!
There are things that we guys love in bed. And we’re usually pretty clear about expressing that. But there are times when we might not actually be figuring out what you want - and at that point, the best thing to do is just tell us! Here are a few things you should never be shy about sharing with the guy you’re in bed with.

1. “Can we try something different?”

We all get into a rut sometimes. Don’t hesitate to express your feelings about trying something new. And even if we’re having great sex, there’s always room for improvement! :-D

2. “I want more of that.”

If there’s something a guy does that you really like, tell him. And especially so if he isn’t doing it as often as you would like! :P

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3. “That isn’t really all that great for me.”

And if there’s something he’s doing that you don’t enjoy (even if he loves it), it’s okay to say that too. There are a thousand other things that you could be doing which is good for BOTH of you. :-)

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4. “Can I take over?”

We do enjoy it when you take the lead. No point in you being shy about expressing your interest in doing so!!

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5. “Can we take a break for a bit?”

Yes, we know, sometimes we can get carried away and want to keep at it forever. But if you’re tired or just not feeling as enthusiastic after a point, please tell us. It’s perfectly okay to take a break - to eat, talk, nap, whatever - and reconvene later! We’ll still be willing. ;-)

6. “I’ve fantasized about…”

Ladies, let us put to rest any doubt that you might have on this score: every guy in the world is dying to know what the woman he is sleeping with fantasizes about. :D

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7. “I’m not comfortable with that.”

At any point, it’s okay to say no. Whether it’s not being prepared to try something your guy wants, not feeling up to actually having sex, or just not wanting to go any further than whatever you guys are doing at that point - it’s always, ALWAYS okay to call a halt.

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