#HeSays: 10 Things Girls Should Know About Going Down On A Guy

#HeSays: 10 Things Girls Should Know About Going Down On A Guy
There’s sex. Then there’s oral sex. And being on the receiving end of it is pretty much on every guy’s list of 10 best things in the world. So, on behalf of all the guys out there, here are a few things about the act that you ladies should probably know… (Also, in case we don’t say it otherwise, thank you!)

1. We love it.

There is no guy in the world who doesn’t. At least, not any that we’ve met.

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2. But not if you hate it.

It’s just not as much fun when we know you’re not enjoying it. That’s the one thing that’s guaranteed to take it down from loving it to merely liking it. In which case, we’d rather do something else with you that’s good for both of us.

3. It’s really intimate.

We’re yielding a lot of control here. And there are few situations in the world where we are more vulnerable than when our, uh, manhood is literally between someone’s teeth.

4. Which is why we like to be able to see your face...

Well, that you’re going down on us is a very sexy thing in itself. But if you’re looking at us while you’re doing it, and there’s eye contact - that’s a whole new level of HOT.

going down on a guy 7

5. No biting, please!

We’re sensitive down there. And even a gentle scrape with teeth can hurt. Please don’t surprise us with a bite, no matter what sex manuals and weird porn would have you believe.

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6. Hands are good.

Please feel free to use them and explore! As much as you’d like. ;-)

7. Deep-throating is not essential.

Yeah, it’s absolutely great if that happens, but we’d rather you be comfortable with what you’re doing. And the, um, head is the most sensitive part anyway.

going down on a guy 4

8. Your tongue is a weapon.

And we’re super-grateful when you use it on us.

9. Spit or swallow - your choice.

Many guys fantasize about the latter, sure. But it’s really up to you. We’ve already gotten where we wanted to. We’re mostly just feeling blissful and happy to go along with whatever you want right now. :P

10. It’s the best surprise. Always.

We don’t always want to ask for it. And we treasure it when it happens. So, if at some point, you want to just surprise your guy with a BJ, know that you’re basically making his day/ week/ month. :-D

going down on a guy 10

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