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What Do Doctors And Musicians Have In Common? (So MANY Things!)

Neha Gupta

Guest Contributor

“A doctor and a musician? Ha! There’s not a single thing common to their lives.” Is that what you think? Then these 7 points are really going take you by surprise! Here is what’s common between every doctor and struggling musician!

1. They’ve got the cure!

Well, a doctor cures you of any physical trouble, and nothing cures the battered soul like music does, right?!

2. Season change is time to make more money! 

A weather change rushes us all to our doctors, what with the different kinds of infections that plague us. And even musicians make so much more money during the different seasons - wedding and parties call for a new set of songs, you know.

doctors and musicians

3. It takes them many long years to set up practice!

It’s only after a doctor has been around for many years, and prescriptions have worked for patients, does the practice really start paying. And the same goes for a musicians too - for only when the audience develops a taste for their music and tunes in for long enough do they start start paying to hear them at concerts and shows!

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4. It’s a never-ending study for them!

No doctor can ever stop learning - if only to be aware of the new treatments and meds, and continuously revise the old ones. Just like a musician can’t go without a single day of riyaaz!

doctors and musicians

5. Just like wine, they get better with age!

Don’t we all trust doctor with a few greys on their heads? And for a talented musician - you gotta add intense, deeply felt emotions (that only come only with experience) to their music to actually touch souls.

6. Jack of all trades and master of one

A doctor would know of every muscle and bone in your body and still be, say, an ENT specialist. Just like a musician who could possibly play everything, but still be known just for their guitar-playing skills.

6 doctors and musicians

7. They’ve got fans!

If a doctor cures you once, you’d swear by him/her forever. And don’t we all follow with mad passion our favourite singers and musicians, buying expensive tickets to watch them perform live?!

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Published on Dec 23, 2015
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