10 Things Brides Say (And What They REALLY Mean!)

10 Things Brides Say (And What They REALLY Mean!)
Here are 10 things brides say on their wedding day, but that’s not what they really mean ;) With all the tamasha that comes with a shaadi, we can’t really blame them!

1. Thanks, it’s a Sabyasachi lehenga

Sabyasachi (replica) lehenga from Chandni Chowk!

1 things brides say

2. Thank you so much for coming aunty!

I still feel I should’ve invited that colleague instead. But, mom wouldn’t miss out on inviting anyone from her kitty party group.

3. Awww...your daughter is soo cute

But maybe my wedding function is not the best place to let your kid run wild?

ezgif.com-resize (10)

4. Iski kya zaroorat thi aunty, we said ‘no gifts’

I was actually hoping for a shagun ka lifafa instead of this regifted toaster.

5. It’s your wish, jitna dena hai de do (to husband during joota chupai)

Just give as much as I told you earlier. My sisters have already negotiated this with me!

5 things brides say

6. Your sherwani is perfect. You look amazing!

Men’s shaadiwali sherwanis are beyond help. Bola tha na don’t bling it up too much!

7. Main vachan leti hoon (during the pheras)

Hmmm... *zoned out*

7 things brides say

8. Don’t worry, I’m fine (when someone offers food, water, or just a helping hand)

No, I’m not! I’m so not fine in this 5 kg lehenga and layers of makeup and heavy jewellery. I just wanna go to bed.

9. No, no, it’s not that cold today

Of course it is. I’m freezing...brrrr...brrrrr...but a shawl will spoil my ‘look’.

9 things brides say

10. You danced sooo well at the sangeet!

Really, itna excitement?! Shaadi toh meri hai!

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