What Do Gujjus And Marwaris Have In Common? (SO. MANY. THINGS.)

What Do Gujjus And Marwaris Have In Common? (SO. MANY. THINGS.)
Gujaratis and Marwaris, two communities that have too much in common, given the colourful states they come from, isn’t that obvious? Read on to find out more about what connects these two so seamlessly!

1. Communal living

We eat together, think together, live together in big groups and we love each other a bit too much. It’s all about moving around in groups for us.

Gujarati and Marwari

2. The most colourful weddings you will ever witness are...

Ours, of course. From the decor to the clothes to the bling to the food. Nobody can compete with us on that front!

3. Our belief in vegetarianism

From our hearts, we love our vegetarian delicacies, obviously because we do those really well! Come to our house and you will be surprised at the variety of food available, that too all VEG!

Gujarati and Marwari

4. Talk about our tip-top clothes!

Those gorgeous mirrored lehengas with the backless cholis and the beautiful leheriyas in vibrant colours, we know how to turn out all bright and gorgeous!

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5. Entrepreneurship swims in our blood

There has to be a reason why the likes of Kumar M. Birla and Mukesh Ambani are featured in the Forbes' billionaires list ever so often!

Gujarati and Marwari

6. We start super young

Right from our bachpan we are taught the values about our customs, given appropriate training about our businesses, and so on and so forth! We’re even encouraged to marry early. :P

7. The long-lasting festival celebrations...

We don’t have one day events, we have a week or two of crazy festivities that we look forward to! Garbas and the other group folk dances during navratras are a must!

Gujarati and Marwari

8. We are superheroes when it comes to money management..

Money coming in doesn’t leave us very easily and we are pros at bargaining - but when it comes to spending on the “right” kind of things, we don’t hold back!

9. We love to have guests over!

Because we like to feed them and talk about their families and their experiences and feed them some more….

gujarati and marwari

10. Our ancestors spoke the same language too

Marwari and Gujarati come from the same Western-Indo Aryan language! It’s just been dissected and transformed and has evolved into the two present day languages!

11. We are explorers of the real kind!

Obviously, we go where the work opportunities are. Even if that’s to random unexplored places. If we see potential, we move!

Gujarati and Marwari

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