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Dear World, I Want To Get Married - But Not For THESE Reasons!

Natasha Vazirani

Guest Contributor

Marriage is a beautiful thing. We all know that well enough. But only if it's for the right reasons. And unfortunately, that's not something our “well-wishers” always get! Here’s this album by Filmygyan summing up some of the really silly (and often absurd) reasons that us Indian girls are asked to get married!

1. Does age really decide whether a person is ready to get married or not? We think not.

a stupid reasons to marry 1

2. We all love our grandparents a lot - but even in the name of love, asking someone to do something they don't want to is a bit unfair.

a stupid reasons to marry 2

3. The "Marriageable Age" factor. How we hate this term and all that it stands for!

a stupid reasons to marry 3

4. Is that the formula for happiness? A guy from a rich family? And what about things like love and loyalty? Are they not important?

a stupid reasons to marry 4

5. How is giving a person who isn't being able to deal with the responsibilities they have already MORE responsibilities going to help?

a stupid reasons to marry 5

6. Because the fear of girls making the wrong decisions is bigger than the need for them to make their OWN decisions.

a stupid reasons to marry 6

7. We realize that everything we do reflects back on our families, but why do they only look at our marital status? Why not our education or our professional success? Don't those say anything about us?

a stupid reasons to marry 7

8. We didn't work our way through school and college to just have a “family” of our own. We also hope to have a career of our own and a mind of our own.

a stupid reasons to marry 8

Images: Filmygyan

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Published on Dec 21, 2015
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