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#BeautyDiaries: What My Thai Massage Did For Me…

#BeautyDiaries: What My Thai Massage Did For Me…

If you too spend most of your day staring into a white screen, and punching away at your keyboard, just like me, you’ll understand the pain of poor, fraught muscles that do not get a moment’s rest. Add to that my absolute inability to wake up on time and stretch a bit. So, I often resort to a nice, long hot oil massage every weekend. But last weekend when my fav masseuse from Kerala decided to go back home and not come back - I decided to give the famous “Thai Spa” a try. 25% discount on an all body massage was all the incentive I needed to get it done.
So, I paid and walked into a dark, dimly lit corridor and then was ushered into another dimly lit room, with towels structured into ducks - the kind you’d see on bed for honeymooners. I heard a knock followed by a woman’s voice asking if she could come in. She had so much makeup on and didn’t know either of the two languages I spoke in. So there we were, talking in broken Hinglish and Thai. Anyway, I undressed and she got on top of me, slowly caressing my back, my neck and shoulder area and massaging my tired muscles. I was drifting into my fav kind of sleep, when I felt her tapping me and asking me to turn over. I did turn over, and she massaged my collar bone, when suddenly she remarked, “You sexy, but this not sexy” - pointing to my bra. went for a thai spa I just smiled at her, in sheer embarrassment. She went to say, “Holiday in Thailand? Yes…buy there. Not expensive. Cheap!” And then she actually went on to lift her shirt and demonstrate to me how great lingerie from Thailand was! Taken aback as I was, it was also kind of...funny?! So I just tried to let her massage continue soothing me - no matter what, she definitely knew what she was doing when it came to the massage itself.   She went on to give me some super advice on a few pressure points I never knew existed inside of me, and told me how I should press for easy periods, headaches and so on. She then asked me to sit up. She held my arms behind me, and swung me from one side to another and I can’t even describe how the sound of SO many muscles inside me crackling sounded like. It was like they had woken up after months of dormancy. I was almost shouting at the sheer surprise of having discovered them, and then at having (hopefully!) made them functional again. A few more exercises, with equally noisy crackling - and we were done!
POPxo Banner Let me tell you, my nerves haven’t dared to go back to being painful asses this week. Go for a Thai spa - you’ll see what I mean! ;-) HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: #BeautyDiaries: Base Makeup Changed My Life. Here’s How … MUST-READ: #BeautyDiaries: My War With Adult Acne…
Published on Dec 21, 2015
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