The ONE Colour Every Celeb Is Wearing This Winter! (Would YOU?) | POPxo

The ONE Colour Every Celeb Is Wearing This Winter! (Would YOU?)

The ONE Colour Every Celeb Is Wearing This Winter! (Would YOU?)
Come winter, we are all rummaging in our cupboards to find some coloured does get boring, you know, being dressed in shades of grey! And introducing this colour in your wardrobe is pretty much going to solve all your woes for the nights you want to dress up but want to skip the blacks! The new navy in town, we’d say! Most of our favorite brands are stocking up on this colour, so go find your piece of this spicy rich shade!

From the family of deep hued reds, this colour has taken it’s name from a certain region in France. It’s very similar to ox-blood, maroon or even Marsala, which makes it a bit more difficult to identify this colour on its own! To make it simpler, it’s that hint of brown that makes this colour special!

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Image Source: Deepika Padukone on Instagram

Our favorite celebs sure know how to carry this elegant colour so beautifully! It was very popular in the 2000s as a lip shade and even for coloured hair! And it’s made the best comeback ever - as you can see how gorgeous it looks!!


The easiest way to get this without going OTT is a nail paint or a lip shade! Think about a handbag, shoes or even jewellery! Any item will translate into high luxe in this hue and over time this might even take over the classic black for some of you - it’s just that gloriously comfortable and classy vibe it lends to your avatar!

Besides the basics, try wearing this with offbeat shades like teal, pink or even mustard! It will still look as charming and will only make you more effortlessly stylish! Get with this trendy colour ASAP!  

colour in trend

Image Source: Lorealparisin on Instagram

Featured Image Source: Nikhil Thampi on Instagram, Dhruv Kapoor on Instagram, Parineeti Chopra on Instagram

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