surprising things in your twenties

15 Things That REALLY Take You By Surprise In Your 20s!!

Smriti Notani

Guest Contributor

Listen, girls, enough and more has been said about us growing/ metamorphosing/ evolving into beautiful and confident women in our 20s. But we all know that’s just glorifying one of the most turbulent periods of our lives. No one ever talks about *all* the things that take us by surprise in our 20s! Like, seriously, a little heads up would have been nice.

1. Sudden rise of grey hair on our heads

Wait, wasn’t this supposed to happen much, much later?

 surprising things in your twenties 1

2. Cellulite problems

*Talks to own thighs* Okay, this cannot be happening to us!

3. The complexity that comes into friendships

Why is everyone always busy? Can we please go back to being children?!

 surprising things in your twenties 3

4. Developing a bullshit detector!

Seriously, girl, I can see through your Frenemy act from a mile away!

5. Equation with parents

Wait, am I imagining this or my parents are actually really cool people? *Weird*

 surprising things in your twenties 5

6. No time to do ANYTHING!

Where is my time GOING? I don’t get it!

7. Dating gets wayyy more complicated!

Where is the manual? How does everyone know the rules? WTF is happening?!

 surprising things in your twenties 7

8. Hangovers are a permanent part of your life

Great stories for the grandkids though!


9. It suddenly seems like EVERYONE is getting married.

What is this? Some kind of epidemic?

 surprising things in your twenties 9

10. Sudden awareness about money!

No way, I can’t really be spending *that* much.

11. The need to buy makeup all the time.

What’s an eyebrow corrector kit? Yes, I’d like to buy it. Thankyouverymuch!

 surprising things in your twenties 11

12. Taste for the arts really starts to change!

But I loved that new movie; it had such a beautiful yet deep meaning.

13. The way we use social media changes too.

Check in to *every* place? No thanks!

 surprising things in your twenties 13

14. The sudden need to develop new skills.

Need to learn how to cook. What if Maggi is banned again? *Shudder*

15. Constant rollercoaster of emotions!

Why am I getting so emotional – I was just laughing a minute ago! Ah well.

 surprising things in your twenties 15

GIFs: Tumblr

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Published on Dec 16, 2015
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