Super Cute Accessories Using JUST Bobby Pins! (Here’s How!)

Super Cute Accessories Using JUST Bobby Pins! (Here’s How!)
Who would have ever thought that a tiny bobby pin can work its magic by creating fantastic necklaces, stylish hairpins and dainty earrings? Yes, ladies, bobby pins DO have the power to bring new life to just about any outfit. This cutesy DIY video will make you look at these tiny pins in a new and creative way. Are you ready to make a masterpiece out of them? Watch this fabulous video to know just how to make super cute accessories with bobby pins!

What You Will Need:
  • Bobby pins

  • Cellophane tape

  • Cardboard strips

  • Nail/ Fabric paint

  • Pair of tweezers

  • Old earring hoops and necklace chain

Difficulty Level: Easier Than Painting Your Nails!

Watch the video now!

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Style #1: The Bobby Pins Neckpiece

Why splurge on a statement necklace when you can make a fabulous one at home using bobby pins? Here’s how to make one without spending a penny!

Step 1 - Take 12 bobby pins together and place them on a cardboard.

Step 2 - Then, cut thin strips of cellophane tape.

Step 3 - Place 3 tapes in a straight line and one in shape of a ‘V’ over the bobby pins.

Step 4 - Now, paint them using a nail or fabric paint in any desired colour of your preference.

Step 5 - Using a pair of tweezers, remove all the strips of tape.

Step 6 - Grab hold of a long chain and insert all your bobby pins together, and voila!  

Style #2: Bobby Pin Earrings

DIY long dangling earrings have never been so easy to make! If you’ve always wanted to make a pair from scratch, here’s your answer.

Step 1 - Take a couple of bobby pins and place them on the opposite sides of the cardboard.

Step 2 - Now, using your favourite nail or fabric paint colour it in any desired colour or design you want.

Step 3 - Wait for about 5-10 minutes till the paint is dried and ready to use.

Step 4 - Insert the bobby pins in the earring loop and complete the earrings. And, you’re done!

Style #3: Bobby Pin Hair Clip

Get ready to make heads turn with these super chic hair clips. The best part is that they’re really easy to make!

Step 1 - Take some beads from an old or broken neckpiece and insert them into the bobby pin.

Step 2 - Make a side braid or any hairstyle you’re comfortable with.

Step 3 - Once you’ve transformed the bobby pin into a stylish hair clip, you can place it on your braid or the chosen hairstyle.

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