8 Super Cool Gifts The Groomsmen Will Totally Want To Flaunt!

8 Super Cool Gifts The Groomsmen Will Totally Want To Flaunt!
Ever noticed how women are always pampering their besties with compliments and cute little gifts while men just go with the jhappi to show appreciation? While that’s totally cool, a thoughtful wedding favour won’t hurt either. As you bid adieu to boyhood, you should let your gang know how great they’ve been all through the years. We’ve put together the coolest gifts for groomsmen ever! And ladies, consider this a nudge in the right direction for your guy

1. On the road goodies

Groomsmen Gifts Chumbak

Do most of your BC sessions start with, “Remember that trip to...?” Get your band of boys some cool new travel accessories. Chumbak has the coolest collection of travel pillows and eye masks for that next all-boys trip!

Price : Rs 1,295. Buy it here.

2. Putting the ‘groom’ in groomsmen

Groomsmen Gifts Uncommon Goods

Gift your ‘stud’ yaars a Beard Pack from Uncommon Goods. It’s packed with a beard oil, mustache wax and a bottle of whisker wash. You’ll be the chikna-est group at the wedding!

Price : Rs 2,824. Buy it here.

3. Something for the man-child

Groomsmen Gifts The Boxer Store

Give a chaddi to that chaddi buddy! Well, we mean a boxer actually. Check out The Boxer Store for the awesomest options.

Price : Rs 599. Buy it here.


4. Shaandar! Zabardast! Zindabad!

groomsmen gifts 3

This is so well camouflaged it doesn’t even look like it’s got anything to do with alcohol! For the car-o-bar loving buddies of yours, order up a Shaandar Box by Happily Unmarried. It contains 6 shot glasses and a pack of 50 Shades of Pink Dare game. ;)

Price : Rs 1,599. Buy it here.

5. Tu janta nahin main kaun hoon

Groomsmen Gifts Happily Unmarried

A totally filmy card holder for that office desk! Quirky, cool and fun, it makes for a perfect wedding favour without being heavy on the pockets. Even better if all you guys are totally Bollywood obsessed.

Price : Rs 399. Buy it here.

6. Game on!

groomsmen gifts 6

If you’ve ever been part of the Arsenal vs ManU debate, you know your buddies take their team loyalties seriously. Get them team jerseys of their favourite players!

Price : Rs 1,499. Buy it here.
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